Google Stock Rises 13%, Over $1000, 833% Since IPO

Google is seriously taking care of business! Now up over $1000 per share, I would wonder that many would think it’s over due for a split. With a percent earnings of about 30, it’s pretty regular that the hike and future outlook for the company is in line with a new technology company. But Google being as huge as it is, I tend to stray away from PE when it gets over 15, even 20… Look at LinkedIn (LNKD) with a wopping 700!!! PE!!! Just insane. Facebook has a 200 PE. Apple (AAPL) is much more reasonable with a PE of 12, where Microsoft (MSFT) is at 13.5.


Okay, okay, so many of my readers could care less about stocks, percent earnings, and Google rising to $1000+ on a share price. Many of my stock readers understand that the cost of a single share of stock weighs no tremendous baring on the identity, value, or future outlook. But the point that I want to drive home, and I have before in the past (Parking Lot to Hold Your Cash), is that Google is the latest and greatest in investment Parking Lots. What do you do with your investments if you have several whatever dollars? Literally throw it at Google!

And to me, that is the real reason you see Google’s stock price where it is today… Yeah, earnings help… yeah new targeted marketing strategies help… Yeah, single day jumps on quarterly announcements definitely a plus. Google is a tremendous company with a bright future… but just like all of them, getting too big can stunt your growth… but at the size that Google is, it’s really just an investment vehicle for funds to park and take profits off good news. Great place to be. It used to be Microsoft, used to be Apple, now the search giant is the new kid in town. 10 years since inception… fascinating world we live in.

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