Key-Smart – Kickerstarter Backed Project Received

I finally got my Kickstarter backed project, Key-Smart, in the mail today. It was a little bit of a surprise as I wasn’t expecting it. The point of this whole key-smart thing is to put all your keys into a compact and tightened case, sort of like a pocket knife, so that you don’t worry about the noise and messing around with keys that get tangled. Today, the trend has been using a carabiner, which let’s face it, is extremely practical.

So, I bought a Key-Smart, got it in the mail today, and you know… it does the job right. But only with the keys. I now have it attached to my carabiner, along with the other essentials of mine: Bottle Opener, Car Key, bike lock key, and also… all my small lock keys, the diameters of the key hole were too small to fit. So, those go on another key ring. The other thing, my keys just got heavier.


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