Exercise While Working – Treadmill Stand Setup

The new thing these days is people standing up while working. Take any cashiers job, where you have to be on your feet mostly all day, and you begin to build some endurance. For all those out there in computer-lala world, standing actually is not a bad thing. Many have created automatic lift systems so that they can convert between standing and sitting workstations, or have found high table chairs so they can rest when needed.

Why stand while working?

  • More Alert
  • Better Focus
  • Weight Loss

Many others have thought of more inventive ways to make the most out of your time while at work. Why not put a treadmill under your feet and get some walking in during the day, an hour or two couldn’t hurt you. And is it possible to be even more productive? Or even equally as productive? Remember that you do not have to walk very fast. Just enough to keep your heart rate going a bit more than casual sitting.

I’m not so sure I could do this while concentrating on complex binary algebraic equations. Or getting lost in Controller’s and building out databases… but maybe checking email, making phone calls, and other tasks.

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