ObamaCare Vanishes from Healthcare.gov Website

In some ways, it is entirely too funny to see all the criticism of the HealthCare.gov website taking place. First, it was the load balancing issues, still an issue. Second, is the validity of the data being saved in the databases. Third, it is much of the content which seems to not be completely correct.

And why not throw in some more controversy, what happened to the girl on the front page? The originally purchased stock photo. Let’s not forget about the JavaScript code who’s GPL licenses were stripped out and sued for millions. HealthCare.gov is getting nothing but scrutiny.

Obama has done pretty good with his Website launches, during his campaign, his redo of Whitehouse.gov, some other programs. But this one, which seems all too simple, has been going all too wrong.

I like to sit in the background, being a web application developer, an architect of high scale, poke fun at the series of bad publicity, not to mention congress stepping on their soap boxes. Bleh! And I wonder how many peoples pockets got filled while building the site. All to end up with back-end guys who scraped and hacked the site together as fast as they could.

Will the website alone, change the law that is involved in Obama’s new Health Care plan? What a crazy world…

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