Do not Fly Spirit Airlines!

Not a technology post. But I’m about to hop on a flight by Spirit Airlines. It was incredibly cheap, too cheap to refuse… A flight to Vegas, and probably the cheapest domestic flight round trip I have ever seen.

But there is a reason they were cheap. Online checkin 24-hours before the flight was non-existent. I look up the chairs and half of them do not recline. First class doesn’t even exist on these bare bone Airbus planes. I call the 800 technical support number and I go through 3 different numbers telling me their number has changed.

801 401 2222
801 401 2220
801 401 2200

Oh my goodness, what have I got myself into? On top of that, you have to pay $50 at the checkin desk for your Carry-On bags. If they let you through and you get to the gate, it’s $100 for your Carry On. I thought Delta was bad with $50 check-in bags… boy. If I checked bags into Spirit, I wonder what they would charge me if they lost my bags.

lol! Well, getting there is half the battle. A 4 day trip to Vegas is just that, haven’t even gotten on the plane and already know the travel will be terrible. Call me a tight-wad. Vegas again though… I cannot wait!

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