Tiss the Season to Spend on Black Friday

I get excited around the Black Friday time period through to the beginning of the new year. It seems that I always find some tremendous savings either between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, or on Christmas Day through New Years day. It’s a great time where everyone in the USA is encouraged to spend money and because we have had this long lasting tradition, it as turned out some very inexpensive TV’s, Gaming Systems, and other Electronics for the holiday season.

Slick Deals and TV’s
One of my favorite places to stalk and track down these great deals is SlickDeals.net. Two years ago it hinted me to a 60inch TV that I found for nearly 33% of the sticker price at HHGreg. I must have blacked out when I found it because the only thing that I remember is being at the check out counter with my Debit card held up in the air giving it to the HHGreg rep. The next day, the delivery truck hand delivered the TV up three flights of stairs. You can also try their exclusive Black Friday Website, where deals are collaborated from all sorts of places specifically for Black Friday. Slick Deals is absolutely the place to look for TV’s.

XBox One or PS4?
This year, I may be looking to do a complete swap out of my XBox system and a full upgrade to an XBox One. I took my nearly 35 XBox games and put them up on an eBay auction which sold for nearly $350. I still have my console and remote controls that I need to post up there. I already sold the Kinect. The XBox One, funny thing… I probably will not play it that much, but I cannot wait to see the new graphics and media options it will now hold. Many say that I shouldn’t even really look forward to any deals and that the XBox One and PS4 systems are going to be even hard to get at full price. This might be an occasion where we wait until that time period in between Christmas and New Years. You might even be able to find some of these on eBay during that time.

Travel Deals
Another great chance to get something is a Caribbean trip in the month of January or February. TravelZoo will be my point of reference to potentially find a nice 4 – 7 day all inclusive trip to the tropical islands of the Caribbean in the middle of winter. You can find some great cruise deals, trips to Europe and even Asia, last second, and over the next few months that will knock your socks off.

If anything, I am sure everyone, like myself, has combed the countless pages of Amazon.com looking for that obscure gift for that person that basically has everything. I would recommend going out to SlickDeals and reading through the posts for some good gift ideas.

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