Skip Around Town with a Scoot Car

Okay, so while I’m planning my move to be in the city, I have a couple of sacrifices / alterations I have to make with my lifestyle. One is that price is ridiculous. I think I’ve done all I can on finding a place that is “cheap”. Basically cost of living doubles and then triples when you move to the place that’s happening. Then I have the garage factor. My move, I will have to give up my garage and replace it with a storage unit about the same size. That’s where all the motorcycles will go. And in addition, I will likely get a Vespa to add to the collection. For around $500 after haggling, a Vespa is a no brainer and will be able to get me to all the basic places that I need.

But while researching, of-course I find something even bigger and more crazy. Under 50cc so I do not need a license or inspections, I found a Scootcar. They look ridiculous, but that’s not really why we are doing this. The cost is easily 4 times as much as a Vespa and odds are, I will not go this route. But it is funny to watch and interesting to see some of the vehicles out there.

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