Spacemaker VR – A New Virtual Reality System

It’s been attempted before, but I have a solid feeling that Miles and his team will be able to pull it off. I met Miles through a good friend of mine. Married to one of my best friends wive’s sister. lol, funny how that works. Miles has been working in the architecture and 3D design space his entire life. You can walk around downtown LA and see physical examples of his work and how he has approached revolutionizing this world with the use of technology.

Virtual reality is a very real thing. And improvements to the space will count several times over for the world we live in. Think about the changes that Google Glass will bring and how we will all soon be wearing electronic glasses, maybe even soon electronic contact lenses. Being able to display a different world such as virtual reality will allow communication and representation of places that are thousands of miles away, possibly further. With the enhancements of Augmented Reality and potential of combining virtual and augmented, there’s no telling what there is for us in the future.

I’ll have to give Miles a little bit of push, Virtual Reality is a very difficult thing to achieve. The two major milestones are providing the applicable uses and creating the current ease-of-use / cool / sleek requirements that all tech devices require. If anyone can do it, it going to be Miles and his team.

Their idea is to basically bring new worlds to your interactive Virtual Reality device. You can travel, walk through new places, explore floor plans of houses that you may be interested, explore the solar system, and so much more. What’s better is their goal to drive the price point to a place where everyone can afford and experience this concept. It looks like they are aiming for a 2014 release, so until then, check out their Kickstarter project and their series of promo videos.

Kickstarter Spacemaker VR

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