Apple buys 3D company that helped make Kinect

Okay, so I’m not buying the entire Israel bubble of tech and cloud technology. This guy smiles when the reporter dives even further into his statements. Haha. Silicon Valley has a piece of the entire world, so lets just be sure that is mentioned.

That said, the acquisition of PrimeSense is absolutely a statement in the technologies that Apple feels that they are missing out on. Microsoft has the ability to test and gauge this 3D simulation / sensor technology through it’s arm of the XBox. I would imagine that the plan would be to eventually move it towards PC solutions, if the use-cases develop for it.

It seems that Apple is catching on and that the giant is making moves to stay on top of the trend.

As for the video… lmao. Look at the guys smile when the reporter dives deeper. Start watching at 0:58.

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