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25 dec

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Hi All, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. I hope people at least found a couple of days to find some peace and spend time with family.

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19 dec

Lack of Posts

*, Site Related

Again, apologies for the lack of posts. Working, A-LOT!

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16 dec

LED Multi-Colored XMas Light Strips

**,, DIY, Electronics, Entertainment

Christmas lights can be a pain to take care of, put up, and take down. But they sure are cool to look at. And if you have an interest in technology, you know that lights are moving towards LED’s and … Continue reading

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9 dec

Setting up a Foreign Key with PHPMYADMIN

*, Databases

It’s basic, but many may benefit.

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6 dec

Google Glass-Wearing Driver Pleads Not Guilty To Ticket

**, Electronics, Google, Government, Hardware, Mobility, News

Seems to me that we are allowed to have navigation units, it’s still hands free, no harm in my opinion. Cop just putting everything on paper as usual, to make you fight it in court.

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6 dec

Nanotechnology At it’s Best!

*, Companies

Do you want to see what nanotechnology can really do and how it can effect all of our lives? Our futures? Our potential to be more efficient, cleaner, and stronger. Just watch this video, you will keep watching. And these … Continue reading

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3 dec

First Complete 3D Printing and Scanning Store in Canton (Baltimore, MD)

**, 3D Graphics, News, Robotics
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3 dec

Amazon Prime Air – Drone Deliveries

***,, Home Automation, News, Robotics

Sorry guys, been busy with work. On Sunday night, I got a chance to sneak at the TV screen and watch the 60 minutes special about Amazon and their new Amazon Prime Air. Basically they would have distribution centers that … Continue reading

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1 dec

Paul Walker from Varsity Blues and Fast and Furious in a Car Accident, Dies… so does the Website.

**, Architecture, Clusters, Companies, Entertainment, Internet, News

It was reported just an hour ago. Paul Walker has died in a car accident. Unfortunate and ironic. The number one actor in the entire Fast and Furious series, along with his strong success in Varsity Blues. These things should … Continue reading

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