Amazon Prime Air – Drone Deliveries

Sorry guys, been busy with work.

On Sunday night, I got a chance to sneak at the TV screen and watch the 60 minutes special about Amazon and their new Amazon Prime Air. Basically they would have distribution centers that could deliver via drone, your package, under 5 lbs, and within 10 miles. FAA restrictions don’t currently allow this and Amazon is working with the FAA to get this done, which could be as soon as 2015.

As with any flying drones, I would imagine you would have to have single file sky-lanes and height limitations in space. The programming on the routing could be a little bit tricky, but it’s not undoable.

My next thought would be to see these same drones lifting those small smart-cars. We might not need roads in our lifetimes… who knows.

Enjoy. This was a very popular article / video / announcement, and it is literally everywhere… including here.

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