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27 jan

Guess Who Turned 30 Years Old? Macintosh

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A lot has changed in 30 years. Steve Jobs is no longer with us and the Macintosh revolutionized computers today.

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21 jan

20 Awesome iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweaks


The Jailbreak community is back in full swing now that the latest Unteathered Jailbreak debuted for iOS 7 late last year. If you’re not familiar with Jailbreaking, it’s defined simply by removing the restrictions Apple places on your iOS devices. … Continue reading

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17 jan

Google Eyes Diabetes Battle With High-Tech Contact Lenses

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A pretty cool video on how this contact lens type device can measure glucose levels for those with diabetes. Take it a step further, it could be the next evolution of Google Glass.

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14 jan

F-35 Unintentional Loop at Takeoff on a Carrier

*, Government, History, Robotics

Military stuff is always fun, just because of the budgets these guys have. But watch this incredible takeoff by an F-35.

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13 jan

Disk Lock Alarms for Motorcycle’s and Scooters

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If you know me, you know that I am into motorcycles and just about anything else with two wheels on it. Trouble with a motorcycle is security. In San Diego, we had to put down $2000 and $3000 security deposits … Continue reading

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8 jan

And the Future of Gaming is…The SteamBox?

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The Wii U, the Xbox One, and the PS4 all next gen consoles that made their debut in 2013. Well that was last year, and this is 2014 the future of gaming. For those who like to define themselves as … Continue reading

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6 jan

Deliverable Due Yesterday, PMing With Pressure

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Independent Consulting provides a lot of freedoms in life. But also a lot of risks. If you do it right, you keep your bucket always more than full, never put more than 50% of your eggs in one basket, and … Continue reading

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3 jan

Lets Start 2014 with a Bang!

*, Government

Technology is fun and Military Technology is just incredible. What do you get when you have nearly an unlimited budget for defense?

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3 jan

Still Here, Alive and Kicking

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The blog is very much still here. November and December saw quite a bit of work, and it sure took a toll. For that reason, I had literally counted each minute of my life as somewhere it had to be … Continue reading

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