Disk Lock Alarms for Motorcycle’s and Scooters

If you know me, you know that I am into motorcycles and just about anything else with two wheels on it. Trouble with a motorcycle is security. In San Diego, we had to put down $2000 and $3000 security deposits on our Ducati rentals incase of theft, damage, etc…

If you drive any small, lightweight type motorcycle or scooter, you can lock your wheels, chain the bike, or even put a cover on it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much for a couple of strong guys to lift up your bike and put it inside of a pickup. It is very common.

So, as a solution companies such as Xena have produced Disk-Lock Alarms. Attach them all over to your bike, carry them with you pretty easily, deter thieves. And as always, if you have a bike that doesn’t get the luxury of regular garage use, comprehensive insurance is always a must.

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