Man versus machine: Table tennis champ to take on Ping-Pong-playing robot

The oh so beautiful Maggie Q playing in 1997's Balls of Fury

The amazing and oh so beautiful Maggie Q playing in 1997’s Balls of Fury

I love table tennis also known around the world as ping pong — I have an awesome game on my iPad I like to think I’m pretty good at however I haven’t played lately, so although it’s a synthetic experience I’ve probably lost all skill just the same.

Here’s an awesome video of how an engineer crafted his own robot to play opposite of him in a game of ping-pong. Will the future of robots be man’s new best friend? Probably not, but this is pretty cool.


Now that you’ve enjoyed that short video be sure to check out this brief teaser trailer of man vs. machine table tennis match, who will be victorious? The battle begins on March 11, 2014 as ping-pong champion Timo Boll is facing KUKA’s KR AGILUS robot at the ping-pong table.

Will machine beat man in ping-pong just like IBM’s Deep Blue Supercomputer won a match against reigning World Chess Champion, Garry Kasparov in 1997 or how IBM’s Watson defeated both reigning Jeopardy champions Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings in 2011? My bet is on machine if you ask me!

Watch the video production on March 11th 2014 at to find out who is the winner. Check out the teaser below. Should be fun!


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