Load Balancing Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal

There comes a time when Amazon Web Services gets extremely expensive or even unusable for your websites needs.

If you look out in the world of websites that are out there, it has been guestimated that over 70% of all websites run either WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla. Below are estimated number of websites that each of these CMS’s take care of.

WordPress: 60 million
Drupal: 20 million
Joomla: 8 million

This basically means that if you have strong programming knowledge and background across with strong experience in each of these CMS’s, you can stay gainfully employed for some time.

With all these sites, let’s say http://www.whitehouse.gov which is Drupal, you are going to deal with an enormous amount of hits. And one box alone is not going to be able to take care of everything.

That’s when we start diving into high availability and load balancing.

There are lots of different ways to balance load. Primarily you will setup two Reverse Proxies that route traffic from a number of rendering servers inside your network. You can choose between a massive database or the new trend seems to be replicated databases. Then you need your file replication to keep each of the rendering servers in sync.

That said, it’s being done every day. Once your setup, you can add or peel off nodes to adjust for load. You will likely have to tweak your file replication to get your new content up quickly. These tutorials below do an amazing job of sharing how it’s all done. Enjoy!

Joomla Load Balancing
WordPress Load Balancing
Drupal Load Balancing

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