Could Dell Introduce Viable Tablets to the Business World?

1028_dell-forbes-cover-11-18-2013_768x993It took eight months for Michael Dell and Silver Lake to take Dell from a Public to Private. The company that started in Dell’s college dorm room closet and competed with the likes of IBM, HP, and Compaq, eventually to become the largest distributor and builders of PC’s. What vision is it that Dell has to make such a drastic move and regain complete control over his company.

I am throwing my money at revolutionizing the enterprise computer landscape. The technology we are integrating into all of our devices these days needs to be slim, light, powerful, and bright. Follow the iPhones, the Androids, Samsung and Apple are in a continuous battle to revolutionize the mobile and tablet landscape. And with the emergence of the Microsoft Surface, we saw the first viable tablet that could fully fall back on a standard enterprise operating system.

Today, computer boxes are being thrown out and replaced with laptops. But they are still bulky, power hog machines created in large quantities to give to companies at a discount. I feel the next trend of slim notebooks and dock-able tablets will be the next wave in the enterprise market and who better to execute this, than Dell.

Imagine that laptop you carry with you for work, place to place, you definitely have a docking station at work, and it’s possible you have one at home too. You can use it on the go in the form of a notebook but are likely still limited in places and areas such as lunch meetings, in the elevator, the car, or while walking. This is where the new tablets come in, just as powerful as today’s notebooks, with the ability to type on a keyboard in notebook form, but in addition, having a single access docking ability for the office or at home.

Those 3 combined work conditions I see can all be met by a tablet very similar to Microsoft Surface, with docking capability. That’s where I will throw my money when betting on Dell’s next move.

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