Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Panel Portable Power

A couple of years back, I we had a terrible power outage that lasted for days, nearly a week. Food in the fridge went bad, it was so hot we got in the car to stay cool, there was a run on gasoline. Needless to say, I’ve since solved that problem with a Honda EU2000i portable generator with an output of 2000W and a slow sip of about 10 hours to 1 gallon. I also have the 10 gallon sipper tank that is an adapter which basically means, I could run a full 2000W for 5 straight days. I’ve also got 2x 5 gallon tanks, which I can use for refueling, essentially as long as there is gas out there, I would be completely self-sustainable.

Solar has been something that I’ve considered for some time, but lets face it. The cost comparison and power generation simply is not there yet. But it’s getting better. With this Yeti 1250, you can get about half of the Honda’s output, but you do not deal with noise, dangerous fumes, or gasoline. Add a couple solar panels and this is a perfect short term power outage situation or camping / tail-gating. Overall, the price is very close to the Honda EU2000i, but add in the Solar panels and things change. Take a look at the videos.

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