Welcome to phillihp’s tech blog! I’m Phil. I am a rare front-end and back-end (or end-to-end) website developer who’s passion lies in new technology, specifically website applications, design / aesthetics, mobile, and 3D. I’ve been working in the web world for 10 years professionally.

This Blog
Technology is awesome and I want to share everything I learn. I plan on writing reviews and opinions on new trends and technologies, typically in the high flying tech world of Web and Mobility. My goal is to offer a unique perspective from somebody who works right in the thick of technology. I also want to educate, grow, and share with our small community.

Professional Services
I own two companies and contract out to much larger ones than my own. Some contracts include American Public University Systems, BizJournals, ESPN, Verisign, T. Rowe Price, IBM, Department of Homeland Security, Washington Gas, and more. I work on public facing websites with visitor counts in the millions per day. I design, develop, and construct multi-tiered systems with extreme load and monetary responsibility from mobile apps, internal apps, to web applications.

I offer professional services through my company, Xelltech, Inc. At Xelltech, Inc, we provide a full set of services including Professional Design and Application Development. You can find our specific skills and experience on my company site. Xelltech has been incorporated since 2006 and is always open to possible partnerships.

(877) XELL-4-IT
(877) 935-5448

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