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5 sep

Xbox One – Madden 25 Demo – NFL is Here!

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What a great day to be in existence. The NFL begins today and as a tribute, I have posted some very cool Madden 25 previews done on the Xbox One. Take a look at these graphics, it’s really something else.

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22 jul

Tornado, Flood, Fire, Hurricane Proof Homes

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It makes so much logical sense. How do you protect your home from all of the disasters out in this world? Why not put it on Hydrolic lifts and bury it. If there is a disaster coming your way, lets … Continue reading

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11 jul

Plastic Replicators in Every Household by 2025?

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With the huge shift of 3D printers, the amazing drops in price, can you imagine the future? By 2025, would it be possible for every household to have a plastic 3D printer, sitting next to their microwave? Do you need … Continue reading

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11 jul

Makibox A6 Pre-Production and Yoda

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I have been holding through with the Makibox product for more than a year now. After several hundred thousand dollars raised, Makibox based out of China has begun work, done incredible amounts of testing, and is in pre-production. Expected to … Continue reading

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10 jul

Want to Have Fun With Your Animals?

*, 3D Graphics, DIY, Entertainment, Home Projects, Robotics

Fling things at your animals, automatically, with this DIY animal piece thrower. I am sure it would work with any dry food. This was created and built with a 3D printer. More Pictures Here

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5 jul

Companies Giving up on 3D Television and Movies

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It seems that the fad is finally beginning to fade out. With movies opting to run regular cinema screens instead of 3D screens, such as Batman and Star Trek (who obviously did a post production 3D version, just to get … Continue reading

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20 jun

Xbox One News! Microsoft Reverses DRM Policies!

*, 3D Graphics, Entertainment, Games, Media, Microsoft, News

Wow, Digital Rights Management has been completely removed from the new Xbox One! No online internet requirement and no 24 hour constant internet checking. No restrictions to lending games to friends and no restrictions on areas. Xbox is matching Playstation … Continue reading

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11 jun

AMD’s Rumored New Processors at 5GHz and 8-Core

***, 3D Graphics, Apple, Companies, Electronics, Hardware, Intel, Mac, News

For many years, AMD provided great competition to Intel for processor units. They provided cheaper solutions with a few less integrated algorithms, but were sufficient enough to spread to many computer builders and businesses. Intel held strong, continuing to be … Continue reading

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10 jun

3D Auto-Cad Automatically Via Kintinuous

***, 3D Graphics, Rants

There has been some amazing things coming out in the world of 3D: 3D Web Graphics allow our browsers to play video games without even downloading and installing software. 3D Printing has taken retail stores as the first real “Replicators” … Continue reading

19 may

Patiently Waiting… or Impatiently, Makibox in June

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I am just taking a line straight out of John’s latest video update on the Makibox. Since February of 2012, I have been blogging about the Makibox, which will be one of the first 3D printers out for less than … Continue reading

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