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17 may

Screen Real-Estate – Why You Need 7 Monitors

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Like I need to give you all a reason you need another monitor hooked up to your desktop… But just to give you one more reason, watch the videos below.

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8 may

Makibox 3D Printers Moving Through Beta Stage

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It’s been a little longer than a year that Jon Buford and the Makibox team has begun their “kickstarter” type launch of the Makibox 3D printer, a 3D printer that you can purchase for just $200. There are other variations … Continue reading

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8 may

Google Pays Tribute to Saul Bass in Doodle

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The reason why you spent a minute and twenty one seconds on Google’s homepage today? To celebrate the artwork in both film and graphic design done by Saul Bass. Today would have been his 93rd birthday and to realize who’s … Continue reading

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25 apr

Microsoft Announces New Xbox Debut

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This is the year of the new console gaming systems. The systems that are specifically made for 3D gaming graphics, played at high speeds, optimized to run quick and fast for everybody. The seventh generation of gaming consoles included the … Continue reading

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21 mar

Print Magazines About the Web, Why to Buy

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There has been that, what seems like, long told argument for years and years about digital media taking over print media. It’s true, it’s taking place right now, has already put a huge dent in print, but it is not … Continue reading

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13 mar

Video Game Reboots, Repeat History for New Ideas

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Like movies, video games have been rebooting. Like colors used on a website, cycle the colors through to keep a fresh brand. Same goes with design concepts, the same thing for food. It is a full circle. But movies and … Continue reading

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10 mar

Makerbot Replicator 2 – Demonstration and Ads

*, 3D Graphics, Design, DIY, Hacking, Robotics

Makerbot’s have been around since about 2009, which makes it only about 4 years. They allow you to 3D print on many types of plastic, creating things such as Phone cases, game pieces, and much more. There has been a … Continue reading

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6 mar

The New Video Game Console: Valve Steam Box

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Both Microsoft and Sony have announced their plans to release both the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 by the end of 2013. What is surprising and all of the sudden, is the sudden hat in the ring, from the ever … Continue reading

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27 feb

3 Types of Software Engineers, Architects, and Developers

***, 3D Graphics, Architecture, Design, DIY, Hacking, Internet, Programming

I typically have 3 types of audiences reading my blog: the Curious Conformist, the Evangelist, and the Ultra-Nerd programmer / hacker / DIY’er. Here are the three characters I believe read: Ultra-Nerd Programmer / Hacker / DIY’er: Raised an untrained, … Continue reading

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16 feb

Take a Tour of a 6 Screen / Monitor Setup

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Four years ago, 8 GB of RAM was a lot. Today, people are looking to 32 GB RAM systems, and as screens get cheaper and real-estate grows, the need for RAM grows with it. Whether it be 3x 46inch screens, … Continue reading

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