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31 oct

Do not Fly Spirit Airlines!

**, beer

Not a technology post. But I’m about to hop on a flight by Spirit Airlines. It was incredibly cheap, too cheap to refuse… A flight to Vegas, and probably the cheapest domestic flight round trip I have ever seen. But … Continue reading

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21 oct

Book Claims Al Gore Got Tipsy, Almost Bought Twitter

*, beer, Entertainment, News, Twitter

lol, Al Core invented and has done everything!

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6 sep

Hiding IT From Family and Friends

**, beer, Companies, Hardware, Office

How true is this? Now and days I don’t get asked all that much to help out with an IT thing here or there. I’ve made it pretty clear that I spend every waking second dealing with IT, so when … Continue reading

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24 aug

Data Destruction with Old Hard Drives

***, beer, Electronics, Hardware, Home Projects, Rants

Every now and then, you realize that you have more hard drives than you know what to do with. Over the past year, I’ve been on a serious cleanup of all the technology I have laying around. Got rid of … Continue reading

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4 feb

Wine Android App using Digital Image Recognition

**, Android, beer, Linux

First of all, congratulations to the Ravens last night! In other news, I was doing my normal reading for ideas on what to post tonight, and I found people who are porting Wine onto Android systems to run Windows applications. … Continue reading

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3 feb

DIY: Snackadium for Super Bowl Parties: Ravens vs 49ers

***, beer, DIY, Entertainment, Internet, Media, News

Okay, okay, let’s all put the computers down today and watch some Football today! Get your snacks ready to go, get your large screen TV’s. Get your reservations done (hopefully already done by now). Be sure to hydrate the night … Continue reading

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2 oct

BrewPi – Raspberry Pi Source Code for Brewing

*, beer, DIY, Electronics, Hardware, Home Projects, News, Raspberry Pi

If you have ever done any beer brewing, you may have looked for easier ways to do it. It can be a lot of work and there is a lot of precision needed. On top of that, if you have … Continue reading

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14 aug

Automated Home Brewery Kit for $5000

**, beer, DIY, Electronics, Hardware, Robotics

If you are at all interested in beer, technology, and making things work in an automated fashion, you may really enjoy this video. This is an automated home brewery kit that takes out all of the guessing when it comes … Continue reading

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10 jul

Robots Playing Ping Pong Against Each Other

**, beer, C++, Electronics, Hardware, Robotics

Robots are always a fascinating thing. Scientists and individual technologists use every day random things as tasks for robots to do to challenge their design and implementation skills. One of my first posts here was a robot fetching a beer … Continue reading

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7 jul

HobbyKing Beerlift 2012 Competition

**, beer, DIY, Electronics, Hardware, Programming, Robotics

We are all a bit older as these days go on. But many of our hobbies are the same. One of mine is playing around with remote helicopters. Although it’s not a huge passion, some spend a lot of time … Continue reading

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