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12 jan

CES is Going on. Yawwwnnn!

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Another year of CES. We’ve been talking about what the next new thing is and typically, you will find that out at CES (Consumer Electronic Show). Thanks to TechCrunch and others, we can dive right down into the action. It’s … Continue reading

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22 oct

ASUS Eee PC, Transformers, Everywhere!

Apple, ASUS, beer, Electronics, Hardware

ASUS is unbelievable. Everywhere I go, I am seeing more and more of these ASUS laptops around. I was just on Facebook and noticed the ASUS Eee PC, a friend uses for work now. I’m out relaxing and a family … Continue reading

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14 oct

Japanese Beer Sapporo

beer, DIY, Electronics, Hacking, Hardware, Home Projects, Robotics

Ok, it’s Friday night. Time to relax for the weekend, refresh, and watch your beer turn into a robot… haha, I found this video pretty funny. Take a look, he’s controlling his beer can robot with a Wii remote.

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16 aug

Solar Powered Bikini – Swim Trunks that Chill Beer

beer, Electronics, Entertainment

It’s summer time and people are still talking green. Why not turn a bikini into a solar panel? Well, it’s been done.

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10 jun

WebGL Camp Live on YouTube

3D Graphics, beer, Google, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, JavaScript, WebGL

While dodging Google bicycle’s, I made it out to a day long WebGL Camp (the third) that is taking place @ Google. I hear there are beers at the end. If you happen to be online, you can find the … Continue reading

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28 jan

Technology & Beer

*, beer, Electronics

It’s Friday, so what better than to read a post about beer. Looks like there’s a whole new method of filling up drinks. As soon as someone finds one of these, let me know where you found it. Until tomorrow!

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17 jan

Open Source Robotics – The PR2

**, beer, Robotics

This is a perfect example of what will be to come with my new Blog and a great first post. The Personal Robot 2, or PR2, is a completely Open Source robot aimed at educational and open source growth in … Continue reading