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24 may

The Current and Future Spread of Mobile Browsers

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Very often, I find myself in discussions about desktop browsers, which ones can we stop supporting, which ones are the most popular now, which will be the most popular in the future. Desktop browsing is always shifting, but fortunately, the … Continue reading

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14 may

Google Drag and Drop Image Searching

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With all of the new features that come out for all of these new applications and websites, it’s easy to miss quite a few. It’s also pretty easy to justify a technology evangelist as a full time job. Google, along … Continue reading

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27 apr

Firefox 12 with 3D Debugging Comes Native

3D Graphics, Browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Internet, Internet Explorer, Microsoft

I do not like Firefox! Sorry, excuse me. Working with each and every browser on the market, I must make sure that all browsers are working with all my sites and I have to say that the browser that gives … Continue reading

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13 mar

CSS3 Gradient Generators & Tools

Browsers, Chrome, Firefox, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Internet Explorer, Safari

HTML5 and CSS3 are becoming more and more prevalent. Although very slowly, it’s becoming important and very nice to begin implementing HTML5 and CSS3 into your current websites to add some extra flare. Along with all of these new implementations, … Continue reading

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6 mar

The “Lingering” Browser! Internet Explorer 8

Browsers, Chrome, Firefox, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Internet Explorer, JavaScript, Microsoft, Safari

It’s pretty incredible to watch browser warfare over the past couple of years. Internet Explorer has been the pain in the backside that has kept us web programmers up for hours on end. The reason behind this is because Microsoft … Continue reading

5 mar

Relative Protocol URL’s – http(s) safe

Chrome, Cloud Computing, Firefox, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Internet Explorer, Microsoft, Safari

It’s pretty often that we use and see relative URL’s. They are everywhere. They help maintain portable environments and organization / maintenance of websites. What many may not hear about that often are that URL’s can also have relative protocols. … Continue reading

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28 jan

Mac OS X Lion done in all CSS3 / JS

Chrome, Design, Firefox, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Safari

Evan showed this to me the other day; an web page that emulates Mac OS X using CSS3. It’s pretty good. Take a look:

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4 dec

3 Key Evolution’s of HTML5 – Multi, Continuous, Massive

Android, Apple, Chrome, Firefox, Google, Hardware, HTML5/CSS3, Internet Explorer, iPad, JavaScript, Microsoft, Safari

While looking into the future of the web, we all know and expect HTML5 to become the forefront of interface technology, backed by JavaScript. At the same time, we realize the lagging effect of desktop browsers, so for the time … Continue reading

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1 dec

My Journey from Switching from Firefox to Chrome

Browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Google, Guest Posts, Internet

For many years, I was a Firefox advocate and for the record, I still am really. Firefox will always be my first love and I believe Mozilla will one day make Firefox the browser it was always meant to be, … Continue reading

19 oct

Browser Virtualization and Streaming from Spoon!

Chrome, Firefox, Internet, Internet Explorer, Safari

Applications delivered on the web! Yes, this is where the pendulum has been swinging… Yes, do you remember, we swing from Terminal-based systems to client-based systems. is a little mix of both, where you can stream virtual applications over … Continue reading

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