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24 sep

Could Dell Introduce Viable Tablets to the Business World?

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It took eight months for Michael Dell and Silver Lake to take Dell from a Public to Private. The company that started in Dell’s college dorm room closet and competed with the likes of IBM, HP, and Compaq, eventually to … Continue reading

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27 apr

Flying Cars on the Market in 2015

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Flying cars may not be that far out. It looks like there have been some incredibly amazing strides with the help of computer technology.

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12 mar

Hydrogen Vehicles As Soon As Spring 2014!

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Thinking about purchasing or leasing an all electric vehicle? Well, you may want to take note before you sign on the dotted line, because the next generation of EVs are just around the corner! Hyundai is taking pre-orders for their … Continue reading

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13 jan

Disk Lock Alarms for Motorcycle’s and Scooters

***, Car Computing, Companies, Electronics, Hardware

If you know me, you know that I am into motorcycles and just about anything else with two wheels on it. Trouble with a motorcycle is security. In San Diego, we had to put down $2000 and $3000 security deposits … Continue reading

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14 nov

Skip Around Town with a Scoot Car

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Okay, so while I’m planning my move to be in the city, I have a couple of sacrifices / alterations I have to make with my lifestyle. One is that price is ridiculous. I think I’ve done all I can … Continue reading

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12 nov

Tesla Fire Sparks Panic Over Company’s Future

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I love this company more and more. I wouldn’t have thought myself to be an Electric Car guy at all, but Tesla is doing some very innovative things out there and it’s pretty amazing. All the while doing great, new, … Continue reading

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7 sep

Monitor Your Driving Behavior with State Farm’s Drive Safe & Save Program

***, Car Computing, Electronics

This weekend, I plugged in a little wireless module into my vehicle’s on-board diagnostic port (OBDII) underneath my steering wheel for the purpose of joining State Farm’s driving monitoring program called “Drive Safe & Save”, which offers up to 50% off my insurance premium … Continue reading

12 aug

Founder of Space-X and Tesla Unveils Hyperloop Plans

***, Car Computing, Companies, Design, History, News, Robotics

Elon Musk, the founder of Space-X, Tesla, and PayPal, is doing some amazing things. He’s changing this world, a true visionary for the future. And he’s making a profit while doing it. So far, PayPal has been his pure bread-winner … Continue reading

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30 may

I am Officially Recommending Zero Lemon

***, Car Computing, Electronics, Mobility

Okay, I am officially recommending this product created by Zero Lemon. This one has made me extremely happy on my recent travels where frankly, it’s hard to find a power source outside the hotel room. These days, our phones are … Continue reading

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10 may

If Cars Could Talk, We’d Avoid Accidents

*, Car Computing, Electronics, Hardware, Mobility

A cool article I found here: When cars talk, this is what they’ll tell each other, tells us about how the next evolution in car technology, will be the ability for cars to communicate with each other, which could very … Continue reading

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