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17 jul

Network Solutions Blip Knocks Tremendous Amounts of Sites Offline

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Network Solutions is one of the largest companies in the registrar business. Based out of Herndon, VA (20 miles west of DC), Network Solutions has 900 employees and offers DNS Services, Web Hosting, and of-course their Domain Name Registration. It … Continue reading

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6 jul

Using Multi-Redundant Cloud Services: Box, Dropbox

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I have been using Dropbox for sometime now. It’s fantastic, I have regular file syncs across all of my computers (trust me, I have many computers), internet access when I am on a work laptop, and complete sense of security … Continue reading

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26 jun

Removing WHOIS from ICANN

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It seems that someone is talking my language. It looks like there are people out there who also want to remove the WHOIS feature from the standard ICANN databases. Today, you can go to mostly any registrar’s website, for example: … Continue reading

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24 jun

Memcached – Very Fast In-Memory Cache

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Replicated, single write, multiple read databases are all over the place. Indexed information across databases that keep most of it’s data in active RAM and can queue up data even before its going to be read is the basis of … Continue reading

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19 jun

Network Address Translation (NAT) Explained

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Are you looking for your publicly accessible IP and cannot find the appropriate IP’s per the IP’s listed on your server systems network interfaces? If you cannot find them, it’s most likely because you have some network translation going on … Continue reading

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7 jun

Global Tel-com Traffic in 2010

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This is a very cool graphic displaying the Global Tel-com traffic in 2010.

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4 jun

IBM to Purchase SoftLayer – Internet Hosting Company

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I have hosted through SoftLayer for some time now, even before the name was SoftLayer, The Planet, and Rack Shack. Well today, SoftLayer was purchased by IBM, which means, now all of my hosting accounts are owned by IBM. Amazing … Continue reading

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1 may

Free DNS Servers – World of Name Server Routing

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I typically do not have to spend so much time worrying about DNS servers. In a normal environment, there are interfaces and applications that make managing DNS extremely simple. The concept is quite simple, I wrote a blog post about … Continue reading

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10 apr

Google Fiber Rumored to Hit Austin Next

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From Kansas City to Austin.

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27 mar

Clear 4G Home, Office, and On-the-Go Internet

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When I bought my ZyWall USG router, I bought it specifically because it had load balancing and fail-over options for my internet connections. If my primary internet connection goes down, it’s no big deal because I have my secondary internet … Continue reading

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