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28 oct

Roku vs Chromecast Quick Analysis

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Just ordered both of these and wanted to give some very quick feedback before my larger post. Chromecast is Awesome for Queuing up Youtube playlists and Media playlists. Basically controlling the nice Audio system from your laptop / phone. Movies … Continue reading

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20 may

Run Your Own Cloud Server Locally, Internally, or Publicly – ownCloud

***,, Apple, Architecture, Cloud Computing, Clusters, Databases, DIY, Google, Internet, Microsoft, Windows

There are tons of Cloud Services out there that you can go out and sign up for free, download, and have a blast with. Companies such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Amazon have all jumped on board (the four horsemen). … Continue reading

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16 dec

LED Multi-Colored XMas Light Strips

**,, DIY, Electronics, Entertainment

Christmas lights can be a pain to take care of, put up, and take down. But they sure are cool to look at. And if you have an interest in technology, you know that lights are moving towards LED’s and … Continue reading

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3 dec

Amazon Prime Air – Drone Deliveries

***,, Home Automation, News, Robotics

Sorry guys, been busy with work. On Sunday night, I got a chance to sneak at the TV screen and watch the 60 minutes special about Amazon and their new Amazon Prime Air. Basically they would have distribution centers that … Continue reading

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13 nov

Tiss the Season to Spend on Black Friday

***,, Companies, Electronics, Entertainment, Games, Hardware, Office, Rants

I get excited around the Black Friday time period through to the beginning of the new year. It seems that I always find some tremendous savings either between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, or on Christmas Day through New Years … Continue reading

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4 sep

2013 Richest Tech Moguls: Gates, Ellison, Bezos

***,, Apple, Companies, eBay, Facebook, Google, Internet, Microsoft, News, Stock

It’s pretty interesting to track down the Forbes richest people list. The markets are always fluctuating and peoples assets tend to shift from time to time. On this report, I’ll be reviewing the tech moguls, so here we go. # … Continue reading

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16 may

Parking Lot to Hold Your Cash: MSFT, GOOG, AAPL

***,, Apple, Google, Internet, Microsoft, Mobility, News, Stock

The three major bellwethers in tech, Microsoft, Google, and Apple, some would even include Amazon, pull and push the trends in the tech industry. They dominate in the software on the web, the software on the client machines, the mobile … Continue reading

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7 apr

The Fight for Streaming Media Accelerates

***,, Apple, Electronics, Hardware, Internet, Media

I have posted a couple times that somehow, I have ran into 3 different media streaming providers. 1, I signed up for and pay for Netflix. 2, my cable provider began allowing streaming content and tv services over the internet … Continue reading

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3 apr

Google Now Begins to Compete with the Giant Amazon!

*,, Facebook, Google, News

It’s time… What business should you get involved in to take the next step in the world. How about we target Facebook… oh, and too. That’s what Google is doing.

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28 mar

I am a Loyal Customer – Thank You

***,, User Experience

Wow, Thank You You have shocked and surprised me once again! Another reason I shop Amazon Prime exclusively. I bought a dual clip paper holder for my office setup that would be flexible and that I could move around … Continue reading

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