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27 aug

Mac Rumors and Mac Happy Things to Look For!

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A new set of iPhone’s to be released soon, lots of rumors, get your fill here!

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23 aug

Steve Ballmer Stepping Down at Microsoft

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The Steve Ballmer announcement was absolutely everywhere. If you didn’t read it before now, thank you for coming here first. Because it was literally everywhere. Now that the news is out, I just have a couple of comments based on … Continue reading

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18 aug

Review of JOBS Movie

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There is no way that you can deny Steven Jobs and his ability to create the most valuable company in the world. This past weekend, the movie about Steve Jobs and Apple Computer, starring Ashton Kutcher, came out, and it … Continue reading

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18 aug

Sunday Comics: The Circle of Tech

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Thank you RightBrainComics

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14 aug

Apple Grabs Second Screen Startup Matcha TV

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5 aug

Ashton Kutcher And Josh Gad On The Making Of JOBS

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All of the info on creating the film JOBS, with Ashton Kutcher.

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4 aug

Rumor: iPhone 5s to Add Fingerprint Recognition?

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Its funny that the new iPhone rumors are becoming less and less. I’d argue that goes the same for the new Droid phone as well. Do you know what I smell? Saturation! Smart Phone’s are catching up with their usability. … Continue reading

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21 jun

Yahoo Hanging by Straws, Relatively

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Yahoo used to be one of the largest competitors in the internet space, providing content, mail, search, and news for almost everyone. Remember AOL and how large they got. Since then they have sized down, much more than Yahoo. But … Continue reading

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11 jun

AMD’s Rumored New Processors at 5GHz and 8-Core

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For many years, AMD provided great competition to Intel for processor units. They provided cheaper solutions with a few less integrated algorithms, but were sufficient enough to spread to many computer builders and businesses. Intel held strong, continuing to be … Continue reading

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6 jun

Apple News Across Newsy

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Lots of new Apple news, all condensed into one:

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