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16 apr

“Imagine if a laptop ate the Macbook Air for Lunch” – Samsung Series 9

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My favorite line I have heard all day, “Imagine if a laptop ate the Macbook Air for Lunch”. I have sized down. But I owe it to Apple to teach me the way of what a computer should be. After … Continue reading

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15 apr

The Perfect Laptop – Ultrabook with 16GB and an i7

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Ultrabook – A higher-end type of subnotebook, defined by Intel, designed to reduce size and bulk without compromising performance and battery life. Should maintain a 7 second resume from hibernation, have a minimum battery life of 5 hours, contain SSD … Continue reading

9 feb

Why Do Apple Laptops Cost So Much!?

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Boy ol’ Boy, Apple laptops cost a lot of money. Granted, I am regularly spending on all sorts of technology, that I may or may not actually “need”. But when I see the prices on Apple’s products, it can be … Continue reading

26 mar

ASUS Zenbook vs Apple Macbook Air

Apple, ASUS, Electronics, Hardware

While looking for my Ultrabook and being an avid ASUS fan, I was extremely excited that the Zenbook came out to compete directly against the Macbook Air. Healthy competition is always good. My ASUS Transformer was my Android solution to … Continue reading

22 oct

ASUS Eee PC, Transformers, Everywhere!

Apple, ASUS, beer, Electronics, Hardware

ASUS is unbelievable. Everywhere I go, I am seeing more and more of these ASUS laptops around. I was just on Facebook and noticed the ASUS Eee PC, a friend uses for work now. I’m out relaxing and a family … Continue reading

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11 oct

ASUS Zenbook – Such an Amazing Company

Apple, ASUS, Hardware, Mobility, Windows

ASUS is one of my favorite hardware companies. I buy nothing but ASUS motherboards and have at this moment, two ASUS laptops and two ASUS tablets and two ASUS motherboards in PC’s (1 Windows, 1 Kubuntu) all active machines… call … Continue reading

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24 may

Asus Eee Transformer – iPad Competition?

Android, ASUS, eBay, Hardware, iPad

Ok, one of my favorite companies out there is Asus. I’ve been buying their boards (motherboards) for a very long time. Since then, they’ve also entered the PC market with Windows and Linux Laptops. They offer a great product for … Continue reading

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9 may

Android on my Asus Eee T91 Tablet

Android, ASUS, Hacking, Home Projects

I put Android on my tablet the other week. This is an Asus Eee T91 that I picked up for next to nothing. I wasn’t going to post on this yet, simply because there’s a bit more work that is … Continue reading

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2 mar

New iPad release, cheaper prices, and alternatives like Android

**, Android, Apple, ASUS, Google, iPad

Today we had the release of the Apple’s new iPad. It’s pretty amazing, with lots of cool new features… and even thinner than before. Makes me drool over my keyboard. I’d really like one, but don’t think I’ll get one. … Continue reading

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23 feb

Touch Screen Monitors will be the new IN!?

**, Android, ASUS, Chrome, iPad, Linux, Windows

Recently, I’ve been falling into the trend of Touch-input, and with Android and iOS pushing forward, we have lots of good competition forcing better recognition and ease of use. I’m even impressed with Windows 7 with Chrome and Touch Extensions. … Continue reading

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