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27 may

3G, 4G Coverage in Europe, Eastern Europe

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The internet has grown quickly and vastly around the entire globe. With all of the evolving technology, it continues to expand anywhere where profit can be realized and utilization can be tapped. It was just two years ago that 4G … Continue reading

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14 may

“Samsung to Unveil 5G by 2020”, Wireless, and 4G

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Samsung to unveil 5G by 2020, nearly 7 years away. Here is the sign of where technology sits today and what needs to be improved before we can achieve the next step in Wireless growth. Wireless internet has been a … Continue reading

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30 dec

AT&T Out with Data Share Plan, Verizon too

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AT&T must be reading this blog, because finally we are seeing discounted data rates for additional devices on our mobile plans. In May, I posted a question asking Why isn’t there a mobile data plan for someone with 5 mobile … Continue reading

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13 dec

Netflix Ranks Major ISP Bandwidth Speeds

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What better way to rank major ISP bandwidth than to measure the speed at which they can stream videos. Streaming videos is one of the highest demand ways to suck up bandwidth as motion picture and high definition can take … Continue reading

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22 jan

AT&T Punishes Subscribers by Throttling Modest Data Usages *UPDATE*

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I woke up to a couple nasty grams from AT&T this morning via txt and e-mail that noted that I was in the top 5% of data users this month and I needed to use wi-fi to help avoid “reduced” … Continue reading

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18 jun

Recent Applications for Good Contest

AT&T, Entrepreneurship, Internet, Media, Mobility, News

Recently, me and Dan from TalkChalk, attended a live webinar for our product, TalkChalk, where we won $5,000. Overall, between AT&T and one.economy, $50,000 in prizes were given out. There were guys who flew in from Miami, also had live … Continue reading

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14 jun

TalkChalk Facebook Education Awarded $5,000

AT&T, Entrepreneurship, Facebook

TalkChalk, a Facebook based online education tool is gaining traction and doing well. Awarded with $5,000 from Applications for Good, the TalkChalk idea and prototype are proving their fundamental concept. MVP and Beta development is planned to be done over … Continue reading

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20 may

Cell Phone and Data plans – Next cell phone plan to sell for the Tech Advocate!

AT&T, Car Computing, Mobility, Verizon

I need a cell phone plan that will give me 5 SIM cards for individual use. 1 for my phone, 1 for my car / GPS / Nav unit, 1 for my Netbook, 1 for my Full sized laptop, and … Continue reading

23 jan

3G Radio Road Trip with AT&T. A+

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So, the question over and over again right before a road trip, how do I entertain myself for 4+ hours? Options: FM Radio USB Player (iPod, drives) Satellite Radio (XM/ Sirus) Well, I decided to really heavily test my phone’s … Continue reading

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