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4 sep

2013 Richest Tech Moguls: Gates, Ellison, Bezos

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It’s pretty interesting to track down the Forbes richest people list. The markets are always fluctuating and peoples assets tend to shift from time to time. On this report, I’ll be reviewing the tech moguls, so here we go. # … Continue reading

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6 apr

Computer, Tablet, and Phone Depreciation are Terrible

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I am selling 4 laptops on eBay right now. Really, 4 freaking laptops. I counted the number that are in my possession right now and I have 8, laptops alone. I have 3 PC’s also. This max exodus should bring … Continue reading

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24 mar

Silicon Valley vs NoVA Dulles Technology Corridor (Netplex)

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Silicon Valley is an extremely well known location for technology, startups, and the dominant tech firms in the world. Google, Apple, Stanford University, Cisco, eBay, HP, Intel, Yahoo!, Adobe, AMD, Intuit, Juniper, Nvidia, Oracle, Western Digital, and so many more … Continue reading

15 mar

And it is Here, The Samsung Galaxy S4

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It doesn’t seem like too long ago when I was holding the Samsung Captivate (or the first series of the Galaxy S) in my hand. Actually, I still have it, I have been meaning to sell it on eBay for … Continue reading

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3 dec

G35 LED Christmas Light Review and Teardown

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I bought some Christmas lights for this year that, unfortunately, did not work so well. The lights were 50 LED color changing bulbs with a board that gives alternating effects. These are extremely popular in the hardware hacking world and … Continue reading

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12 nov

Parking Panda – Find a Parking Spot

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As the internet evolves, we continue to find brick and mortar businesses find a space in the web realm. In my eyes, the World Wide Web is still very similar to the Wild Wild West. We have huge companies, such … Continue reading

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18 oct

Google (GOOG) Falls 9% off Leaked Earnings

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Google dropped 9% today after earnings, which are supposed to be reported after the close of the day, were leaked to the street reporting a Huge $1.62 revenue loss per share. Google generated $11.33B, missing by $530M. It’s a huge … Continue reading

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21 sep

iPhone 5 / iOS 6 – Early Release Issues and Bugs

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Not all that surprising, there are bugs when developing a new mobile operating system. iOS 6 was released with the new iPhone 5 and many of us waited in line and shelled out almost $800 for this new phone. Even … Continue reading

16 jul

Ice Cream Sandwich Official on Galaxy S II

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Right when Google releases the Chrome browser on mobile devices and says that only Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) users can use it, guess what Samsung says. Well, here you go… we’ve already been working on and have ICS ready for … Continue reading

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22 jun

Bad Memory? Why not Capture Everything?

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Do you have a bad memory and forget things often? Well, this instructables has just what you are looking for. Why not take pictures of everything around you as you are doing whatever it is you are doing. It’s kind … Continue reading

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