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28 aug

GMail and Google Labs – Delayed Email Send

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Let’s face it. Either I had too much fun in college or I have too much stuff going on in my life, I am forgetful! So, if you have something you can do ahead of time, why not setup a … Continue reading

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23 aug

Steve Ballmer Stepping Down at Microsoft

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The Steve Ballmer announcement was absolutely everywhere. If you didn’t read it before now, thank you for coming here first. Because it was literally everywhere. Now that the news is out, I just have a couple of comments based on … Continue reading

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21 jun

Yahoo Hanging by Straws, Relatively

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Yahoo used to be one of the largest competitors in the internet space, providing content, mail, search, and news for almost everyone. Remember AOL and how large they got. Since then they have sized down, much more than Yahoo. But … Continue reading

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15 jun

Balloon Based Net-Access: Google’s ‘Project Loon’

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Haha, cool.

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17 may

Screen Real-Estate – Why You Need 7 Monitors

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Like I need to give you all a reason you need another monitor hooked up to your desktop… But just to give you one more reason, watch the videos below.

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16 may

Parking Lot to Hold Your Cash: MSFT, GOOG, AAPL

***,, Apple, Google, Internet, Microsoft, Mobility, News, Stock

The three major bellwethers in tech, Microsoft, Google, and Apple, some would even include Amazon, pull and push the trends in the tech industry. They dominate in the software on the web, the software on the client machines, the mobile … Continue reading

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10 apr

Google Fiber Rumored to Hit Austin Next

*, Clusters, Electronics, Google, Internet, News

From Kansas City to Austin.

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3 apr

Google Drops Webkit and Announces Blink, Their Own Rendering Engine

*, Browsers, Chrome, Google, News, Safari

Web developers and designers get ready for even more browser fragmentation, because you’re in for a ride! Google announced today they are breaking ties with Apple’s open source Webkit rendering engine to retrofit the web with their rendering engine called … Continue reading

3 apr

Google Now Begins to Compete with the Giant Amazon!

*,, Facebook, Google, News

It’s time… What business should you get involved in to take the next step in the world. How about we target Facebook… oh, and too. That’s what Google is doing.

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1 apr

April Fools Jokes Begin Around the NET

***, Companies, Entertainment, Google, Media, News, Twitter

Every year, we get a slue of random jokes from many of the top tech firms out there on April 1st’s April Fools Day. Companies try to show their “fun” side as they joke around and just create some humor … Continue reading

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