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28 mar

The Windows 8 Media PC with a New SSD

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If you have been following this week, you have heard about my tragic Western Digital Drive failing. Lol, I am just kidding, these things happen all the time, and my Media PC got a good and solid 3 years out … Continue reading

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2 dec

Redbox Instant by Verizon to Enter Streaming Video

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The past few weeks, I realized that I have all sorts of streaming video sources that I did not even intend to sign up for? I originally had Netflix, which is how I watched all of my online content. Hulu … Continue reading

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27 oct

AWS, Netflix, Instagram vs. Frankenstorm 2012 – Internet Uptime Challenge

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It wasn’t more than 3 months ago that Amazon Web Services (AWS), Netflix, and Instagram all dealt with a storm that knocked out services for a couple of hours in the Northern Virginia region and thanks to “Frankenstorm” Sandy, it … Continue reading

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19 mar

Netflix Packets Surpass All Others in the US

Hardware, Internet, Netflix

Netflix now owns the largest share of data packets streaming video to millions of households in the United States. In a way, it’s nice to see that monetized media is finally playing a major role in today’s internet as Netflix … Continue reading

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31 jan

Netflix vs Hulu vs Amazon vs YouTube

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With the emergence of the internet in technology today, we’ve seen major hits taken on large media distribution companies. Movies and music are losing money to piracy and replication, while newspapers are losing customers to online content. Blockbuster went bankrupt … Continue reading

27 jan

GoogleTV, AppleTV, MediaPC’s?

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People all over have played with getting a pure media center setup in their home, with access to TV, Network files, and Online Content. It seems that, unless you are an avid computer wiz, PC TV’s may just start making … Continue reading

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