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15 apr

The Perfect Laptop – Ultrabook with 16GB and an i7

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Ultrabook – A higher-end type of subnotebook, defined by Intel, designed to reduce size and bulk without compromising performance and battery life. Should maintain a 7 second resume from hibernation, have a minimum battery life of 5 hours, contain SSD … Continue reading

15 mar

And it is Here, The Samsung Galaxy S4

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It doesn’t seem like too long ago when I was holding the Samsung Captivate (or the first series of the Galaxy S) in my hand. Actually, I still have it, I have been meaning to sell it on eBay for … Continue reading

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7 mar

Samsung Payout for Patent Infringement on Apple Cut by $450M!

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Yes, yes… in most people’s minds, Apple beat Samsung and got $1B out of it. What people forgot is that the case was never closed and it still demanded a judge’s ruling on the trial by peers. The results, $450M … Continue reading

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22 dec

Nexus Cube, The New Google X Phone, Next Year

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I may have spoken too soon when I said that there wasn’t anything exciting coming out over the next year. Do you remember when Google bought Motorola? The only thing that we saw from that was the Nexus Cube, which … Continue reading

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20 dec

Google’s Most Searched Tech Terms of 2012

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Around the end of every year, it’s fun to see what all the trending searches are, around the world or within your own country. The Google Zeitgeist is a good place to get all that information. It’s a great way … Continue reading

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3 nov

DIY Take Apart Samsung Galaxy S3 + Drop Test

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Do you ever feel like taking things apart, seeing what’s inside? Well, that pretty much sums up my interests; figuring out how things work and how to replicate them. From technical, to biological, to practically anything. The great thing about … Continue reading

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7 oct

Apple iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note II

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The iPhone 5 vs the Galaxy Note II. How can you compare these two, they are obviously used for two completely different reasons. But, many would argue that you can use the Note for much more than just a mini … Continue reading

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27 sep

Introducing the Galaxy Newton, no iPhone 5

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This was a somewhat funny video of how you can fit a Galaxy S III in an Apple Newton. If you didn’t know, the Apple Newton, along with many others, was an attempt at building a mobile computer. Also called … Continue reading

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24 sep

Install Samsung Galaxy SIII in Your Car Dash

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Now we are thinking. I have posted this idea many times before, but someone has actually done a slight implementation of this with a Samsung Galaxy SIII. I still feel that these phones are somehow going to become an integral … Continue reading

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23 sep

Apple iPhone 5 is Fastest Phone in the World

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Based on benchmarks from PC Magazine and others, it is being claimed that the iPhone 5 A6 processor juices it up enough to be the fastest phone on the market. Samsung Galaxy S III, not quite there, but if you … Continue reading

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