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7 nov

Twitter IPO Blows Away with a 73% Pop!

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The graphs and overall market may look very conceiving to what actually happened. But what actually happened was that Twitter gave a very realistic price on their stock and it took off! Right out of the gate it was setup … Continue reading

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6 nov

Twitter to IPO at $26 for 70,000 Shares

**, Internet, News, Stock, Twitter We have been waiting for the price and how many shares to IPO for about 3 hours or so. And its here, Twitter will IPO at $26 a share with an offering of 70,000 shares. What a lot of … Continue reading

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21 oct

Book Claims Al Gore Got Tipsy, Almost Bought Twitter

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lol, Al Core invented and has done everything!

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22 sep

How Has Facebook Scaled? Largest PHP / MySQL Site

***, Architecture, Databases, Facebook, Hardware, Internet, Twitter

Facebook has far proven to become the largest PHP and MySQL site on the internet. But don’t let it fool you, there are many systems that comprise in Facebooks world, and Java, C++, and other languages all play a part … Continue reading

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2 may

Warren Buffett Sends First Tweet, Gains Scores of Followers

**, Companies, Internet, News, Twitter

If you do not know about Warren Buffett, you must spend 30 minutes and read about him, start here. The $53.5B one of the richest people in the world, extremely conservative and very traditional, finally created a twitter account. He … Continue reading

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1 apr

April Fools Jokes Begin Around the NET

***, Companies, Entertainment, Google, Media, News, Twitter

Every year, we get a slue of random jokes from many of the top tech firms out there on April 1st’s April Fools Day. Companies try to show their “fun” side as they joke around and just create some humor … Continue reading

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22 mar

Learning JSON with JavaScript and Other Languages, Facebook, Google, Internet, Java, JavaScript, Programming, Twitter

JSON is a simple and very commonly used data format for objects being sent around the web. Short for JavaScript Object Notation, JSON provides an easy to read and highly compact way to basically send data between applications and websites … Continue reading

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10 feb

Twitter: Home, Connect, Discover ~ Wow!

Design, Internet, Media, Twitter, User Experience

Twitters new redesign, re-marketing, and new image, Wow! Twitter is a huge phenomena, bringing in unbelievable amounts of traffic on one of the most simple ideas. Twitter draws on the largest stars in the world, creating a new sense of … Continue reading

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18 jan

Today’s Blackout List and Examples of Protest

Google, Internet, Media, Twitter

Per yesterdays post about the Jan 18th online protest against SOPA and PIPA, I went around looking for sites that were blacked out and compiled a list of popular ones and their traffic. Out of the top 100 highest traffic … Continue reading

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17 jan

The Wikipedia Blackout – Jan 18th, 2012

Facebook, Google, Internet, Media, Twitter, Verizon

I repeatedly mention in blog posts and conversations of how the internet is like the USA Western expansion of the 1800’s. We have colonization, expansion, government fire-sales / payments, and annexation. And once everything is established / saturated, government has … Continue reading