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17 feb

MongoDB and WordPress, PHP, SDLC, and Others

***, Architecture, Cloud Computing, Clusters, Databases, Internet, Linux, PHP

With all the cloud software out there,, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and others, it feels like the days of RSYNC and ROBOCOPY may be coming up against some stiff competition. RSYNC is the premiere way to transfer files to … Continue reading

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14 feb

Setup 3 Node Cluster with CouchDB using nginx LB

***, Architecture, Cloud Computing, Databases, DIY, Electronics, howto, Internet, Linux, News, Windows

Oh, I love some of these cluster setups. One of the reasons I love these setups is because they are so extremely easy to create, at literally zero dollars to the client, if you hire the right person. Basically, to … Continue reading

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29 oct

Disaster Recovery Plans – Hurricanes, Power Loss, and More

**, Cloud Computing, Clusters, Companies, Databases, Electronics, Hardware, Internet, News

Disaster Recovery, the dreaded, but absolutely essential part of every company who relies on storing those 0’s and 1’s. Essential to companies who thrive off computing power and virtual worlds. It’s not often that natural disasters roam the earth, but … Continue reading

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28 sep

Effective Programming: Concepts, Common Sense, and Big Picture

***, Cloud Computing, Clusters, Databases, Design, Electronics, Entrepreneurship, Hardware, Internet, Mobility, OS, Programming

Programming is simply a method of creating sets of instructions to perform specific operations. The process involves developing a deep knowledge of your subject material, designing specific algorithms, and creating a formal logic in order to complete a specific process. … Continue reading

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17 jul

My Work Taskbar – 26+ Applications at Once

***, Android, Chrome, ColdFusion, Databases, Design, Firefox, Google, HTML5/CSS3, Internet Explorer, Java, JavaScript, Microsoft, Photoshop, PHP, Windows

Above and to the right are straight screen shots of what one of my workstations looks like. It’s almost no wonder that these days many of us require much more than 8GB of RAM. It seems that I am all … Continue reading

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30 may

SkySQL vs MySQL and Oracle – Web Databases for You

***, Cloud Computing, Databases, Internet, Programming

There is a new home for talent from the MySQL stream. MySQL was the fastest growing database throughout the web world between 1995 and 2010. Facebook is based on a MySQL database. It was MySQL that was that little pain … Continue reading

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