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23 apr

All Websites Should be WCAG 2.0 Standard

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I have been contracting with a Non-Profit for nearly two years now and the big word in this place for websites is Accessibility. This word is so over-used and for some reason, I feel that people gravitate to this word … Continue reading

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19 nov

Spacemaker VR – A New Virtual Reality System

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It’s been attempted before, but I have a solid feeling that Miles and his team will be able to pull it off. I met Miles through a good friend of mine. Married to one of my best friends wive’s sister. … Continue reading

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16 nov

Create Your Own 3D Cases Using OpenSource CAD

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There are literally tons of open source CAD drawings done for a variety of the most popular phones out there. Irene had an idea to create a very special and unique type of case, but we were struggling with getting … Continue reading

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14 nov

ATF Testing 3D Printed Firearms

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I wasn’t aware of this, but the ATF releases a lot of YouTube videos on very interesting subjects out there. One of the recent ones was their testing of 3D printed firearms, how they work, and a dash of throwing … Continue reading

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18 oct

Explaining CakePHP – Overall Whiteboard View

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I was explaining and teaching someone CakePHP the other day. Naturally, a whiteboard gets used to share the overall view of the system. The specific version was CakePHP 1.2. And since I did this work, I thought I should share … Continue reading

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24 sep

What Happens When People Don’t Pay Their Developers?

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If you are a client of mine, seriously do not take this the wrong way. I have way more class than this. But, it is pretty funny. So, what happens when you do not pay your web developer? Well, those … Continue reading

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27 aug

Mac Rumors and Mac Happy Things to Look For!

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A new set of iPhone’s to be released soon, lots of rumors, get your fill here!

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12 aug

Founder of Space-X and Tesla Unveils Hyperloop Plans

***, Car Computing, Companies, Design, History, News, Robotics

Elon Musk, the founder of Space-X, Tesla, and PayPal, is doing some amazing things. He’s changing this world, a true visionary for the future. And he’s making a profit while doing it. So far, PayPal has been his pure bread-winner … Continue reading

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8 aug

What You See is What You Get

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WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editors are all over the place. It’s how you allow for non-technical people to produce content in a formatted and ordered fashion mostly on the web. And there are tons of WYSIWYG … Continue reading

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22 jul

Tornado, Flood, Fire, Hurricane Proof Homes

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It makes so much logical sense. How do you protect your home from all of the disasters out in this world? Why not put it on Hydrolic lifts and bury it. If there is a disaster coming your way, lets … Continue reading

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