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25 jan

Raspberry Pi – The $35 Media Center PC

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The long struggle over the past ten years was creating a Media Center that was cheap and worked effectively. With the Raspberry Pi, we might be just a little closer to that. It’s not perfect, but take a look and … Continue reading

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5 jan

Pandora Raspberry Pi Project with 3D Printers

*, DIY, Electronics, Entertainment, Hardware, howto, Media, Mobility, Raspberry Pi

Today, it’s becoming more and more easy to create actual handheld and mobile devices that you can use to do, pretty much what you want too. Lately, we have been migrating all of our functions into our mobile phone. But … Continue reading

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2 oct

BrewPi – Raspberry Pi Source Code for Brewing

*, beer, DIY, Electronics, Hardware, Home Projects, News, Raspberry Pi

If you have ever done any beer brewing, you may have looked for easier ways to do it. It can be a lot of work and there is a lot of precision needed. On top of that, if you have … Continue reading

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1 aug

Android 4.0 (ICS) Running on Raspberry Pi

**, Android, Electronics, Google, Hardware, Home Projects, Mobility, Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi has revolutionized the mini-computer and hacker field, providing an extremely cheap and inexpensive way to have an entire computer in the form of a credit card sized system. Give me a USB, LAN, WiFi, SD slot, HDMI, 256 … Continue reading

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17 jun

Hak5 Update – Raspberry Pi and LinkedIn Passwords

*, Electronics, Hardware, Internet, LinkedIn, Mobility, News, Raspberry Pi

I don’t often like to post very long videos, but Hak5 provides so much great content, it’s suitable over here. I recently did a post on Raspberry Pi as well and noticed it was picked up in the 1117 episode … Continue reading

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7 jun

Raspberry Pi – Inexpensive Mini Computing

**, 3D Graphics, Browsers, Electronics, Entrepreneurship, Hacking, Hardware, Internet, Media, Mobility, Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is quite something when it comes to mini-computing in an HD world. How small can you get a PC and still perform extremely fast graphics and processing tasks? Well, the Raspberry Pi is one of those devies … Continue reading

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