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14 jan

F-35 Unintentional Loop at Takeoff on a Carrier

*, Government, History, Robotics

Military stuff is always fun, just because of the budgets these guys have. But watch this incredible takeoff by an F-35.

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3 dec

First Complete 3D Printing and Scanning Store in Canton (Baltimore, MD)

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3 dec

Amazon Prime Air – Drone Deliveries

***,, Home Automation, News, Robotics

Sorry guys, been busy with work. On Sunday night, I got a chance to sneak at the TV screen and watch the 60 minutes special about Amazon and their new Amazon Prime Air. Basically they would have distribution centers that … Continue reading

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22 aug

Underground Bicycle Parking in Japan!

*, Hardware, News, Robotics

This was a very cool video shown to me from abroad. Take a look at how Japan has setup an innovative way to safely store your bike.

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12 aug

Founder of Space-X and Tesla Unveils Hyperloop Plans

***, Car Computing, Companies, Design, History, News, Robotics

Elon Musk, the founder of Space-X, Tesla, and PayPal, is doing some amazing things. He’s changing this world, a true visionary for the future. And he’s making a profit while doing it. So far, PayPal has been his pure bread-winner … Continue reading

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6 aug

Who Needs Pets When You can Have Robots?

*, Home Projects, Robotics

Instead of telling your dog “sit”, “stayyyyy..”, etc… why not control robots with your hand using advanced sensors. Check it out.

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22 jul

Tornado, Flood, Fire, Hurricane Proof Homes

**, 3D Graphics, Architecture, Design, Home Projects, Robotics

It makes so much logical sense. How do you protect your home from all of the disasters out in this world? Why not put it on Hydrolic lifts and bury it. If there is a disaster coming your way, lets … Continue reading

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18 jul

New DARPA robot closely resembles Terminator

*, Design, Hardware, News, Robotics

New robots making more serious splashes and reminding us of Hollywood movies.

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11 jul

Makibox A6 Pre-Production and Yoda

**, 3D Graphics, Companies, Design, Hardware, News, Robotics

I have been holding through with the Makibox product for more than a year now. After several hundred thousand dollars raised, Makibox based out of China has begun work, done incredible amounts of testing, and is in pre-production. Expected to … Continue reading

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10 jul

Want to Have Fun With Your Animals?

*, 3D Graphics, DIY, Entertainment, Home Projects, Robotics

Fling things at your animals, automatically, with this DIY animal piece thrower. I am sure it would work with any dry food. This was created and built with a 3D printer. More Pictures Here

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