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12 feb

Sharktank Cycloramic Panoramic App

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Some people tell me that this is the best Sharktank invention ever. I tend to agree. It uses already existing technology that can be transferred over a network that is highly difficult to calculate and makes a new practical use. … Continue reading

16 nov

Startup Weekend 2013 in DC at the Uber Offices #SWDC

***, Entrepreneurship, Hack-a-thon, Hacking, Media, News, Office

If you want to see the party scene here at the Uber Offices on a Saturday night, you can see all the partying and dancing here. All joking aside, everyone is locked away in their offices, working hard. A lot … Continue reading

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15 nov

Startup Weekend DC 2013 – Do’s and Dont’s

***, Cloud Computing, Companies, Entrepreneurship, Hack-a-thon, Internet, News, Office, Programming

Startup Weekend is a nonprofit company that aims to provide workshops and intense development environments the ability to network and get together for one weekend, or a 54 hour work weekend, to invent, develop, and create a new idea, launching … Continue reading

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25 oct

Key-Smart – Kickerstarter Backed Project Received

**, Companies, DIY, Entrepreneurship, Hardware

I finally got my Kickstarter backed project, Key-Smart, in the mail today. It was a little bit of a surprise as I wasn’t expecting it. The point of this whole key-smart thing is to put all your keys into a … Continue reading

30 sep

Fresh Ingredients for Meals to Your Doorstep

***, Companies, Entrepreneurship, Internet

We have all heard of the company Peapod (Giant), which is setup to deliver groceries to your front door. Basically if you are too busy, working five jobs, live a long distance from the grocery store, have accessibility issues, or … Continue reading

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3 sep

For the Starters: Your Futute in IT!

**, Companies, DIY, Entrepreneurship, Internet, Media

There are a lot of people out there looking to find their future. Many of the people that I run into, I strongly recommend getting into some form of Information Technology. I say it because I have such a passion … Continue reading

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30 jul

Challenging Yourself at an IT Position

***, Architecture, Companies, Entrepreneurship, Office, Rants

Oh boy, do I have an ego or something else. It seems that every position I hold these days, I cannot seem to find a position that challenges me enough! With any profession, once you delve into the world of … Continue reading

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12 jun

Being in the Position, Makes You the Most Qualified

***, Companies, Entrepreneurship, Internet, Office, Rants

“Being in the Position, Makes You the Most Qualified” – Quote was created by myself. It’s a quote that I regularly run into doing contract work. Contract work is typically the practice of serving others for specific tasks, basically for … Continue reading

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20 may

Cybernetics with Wrist Watches and Ear Pieces

***, Electronics, Entrepreneurship, Hardware, Mobility, News

It was bound to happen. It was projected in movies. It has been thought of in new business ventures. And the technology is getting very close to even more experimental use of Cybernetics. We haven’t quite tapped into the biological … Continue reading

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2 feb

When Developers and Business get on the Same Page

***, Architecture, Companies, Design, Entrepreneurship, Media, Programming

When I go to work, I am there for a single reason. My role as an Application Developer, an Architect, and a User Interface Developer are to serve a support role for a business, and to deliver a product that … Continue reading

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