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16 nov

Bravo’s Startup’s: Silicon Valley – Oh My!

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My girlfriend loves to watch anything Reality TV related, so somehow they are always on TV at my home. And Bravo is one of those stations that just pumps them all out. Well one that I actually sat down and … Continue reading

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28 sep

Effective Programming: Concepts, Common Sense, and Big Picture

***, Cloud Computing, Clusters, Databases, Design, Electronics, Entrepreneurship, Hardware, Internet, Mobility, OS, Programming

Programming is simply a method of creating sets of instructions to perform specific operations. The process involves developing a deep knowledge of your subject material, designing specific algorithms, and creating a formal logic in order to complete a specific process. … Continue reading

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25 sep

LIFX: The Reinvented Light Bulb

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This is what I’m talking about. A light bulb that lasts 25 years, network/smart phone ready and offers dozens of practical applications. Nearly 9,000 backers have pledged $1.3 million to fund this kickstarter project with 50 days left to go … Continue reading

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12 jul

The Issue with US Patents

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Today’s tech world is filled with lawsuits and patent disputes. It’s almost as if patents are be created for just about everything and that they are plaguing more than protecting. So, let’s take and learn a little bit from somebody … Continue reading

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7 jun

Raspberry Pi – Inexpensive Mini Computing

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The Raspberry Pi is quite something when it comes to mini-computing in an HD world. How small can you get a PC and still perform extremely fast graphics and processing tasks? Well, the Raspberry Pi is one of those devies … Continue reading

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19 may

Facebook (FB) IPO’s and Disappoints in Action

Entrepreneurship, Facebook, Internet, Media, News, Stock

The day so many people have been waiting for. It was because Facebook’s ownership had been split beyond 500 share’s that the SEC required Facebook to become a publicly listed company. And on Friday, Facebook became publicly listed to whomever … Continue reading

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16 may

3D Printers are All the Rage!

3D Graphics, DIY, Entrepreneurship, Hardware, howto, Robotics

3D Printers have been flying off the shelf. Well, the idea of them has at least. I can name at least four 3D printers that have claimed to be able to be manufactured, assembled, and shipped to your house for … Continue reading

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30 apr

Revision3 Internet TV to be Acquired?

Entertainment, Entrepreneurship, Hardware, howto, Internet, Media, Mobility, News

Revision3 TV is an internet broadcasting company that creates and distributes web televisions on not so common topics. I am regularly posting videos from their produced show Hak5, which has specific drive towards hacking and technology, but while catching the … Continue reading

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14 apr

Pebble: E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android

Android, Design, Electronics, Entrepreneurship, Guest Posts, Internet, iPhone, Mobility

There will soon be a brand new way to stay even more connected to your online social status, which will be through the communication of a smart wrist watch and no I’m not talking about Apple’s ipod nano. There’s an … Continue reading

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13 jan

Ashton Kutcher – The Angel Investor

Companies, Entrepreneurship, Hack-a-thon, Internet

The man with the first twitter account to have $1M followers does quite a lot more than you would think. Actor, Entertainer, Comedian, Model, Producer, and also Angel Investor in high flying tech companies. He has plenty of money to … Continue reading

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