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18 jun

Perfect Low Profile Omni Directional Wall Speaker Mounts

Design, DIY, Electronics, Guest Posts, Home Projects

On a search for a low profile omni directional wall speaker mounts for my Mirage Nanosats 5.1, I stumbled upon these Tilting/Swiveling Speaker Wall Mounting Bracket from The mounting brackets were relatively easy to install and took roughly 15 minutes for … Continue reading

9 jun

Apple Granted Design Patent for Macbook Air’s “Wedge Design”

Apple, Design, Guest Posts, Samsung

Apple now owns the design patent for their “wedge design” found on their 2011 Macbook Air models, which has quickly become popular with other “ultrabook” manufactures. This may pose problem now for future or even existing ultrabook models, because those … Continue reading

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21 may

Control Your Computer with Air Gestures Using Leap

Electronics, Guest Posts

Gesture based hardware is getting more and more popular thanks to Kinect and Minority Report. Who needs a touch screen computer when you can now control it tom cruz style? Leap, available for pre-order for windows and mac, is a … Continue reading

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23 apr

Will Liquid Metal Take the Shape of the New iPhone?

Apple, Electronics, Guest Posts, Mobility

I’m not a fan of repeating rumors, but I’ll make an exception in this case since I found this video absolutely fascinating and if it doesn’t come to fruition then I will be disappointed… well, just a little bit. The new iphone iphone … Continue reading

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14 apr

Pebble: E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android

Android, Design, Electronics, Entrepreneurship, Guest Posts, Internet, iPhone, Mobility

There will soon be a brand new way to stay even more connected to your online social status, which will be through the communication of a smart wrist watch and no I’m not talking about Apple’s ipod nano. There’s an … Continue reading

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15 feb

Mirror / Stream Mac Desktop to Apple TV 2 Wirelessly

Apple, Electronics, Entertainment, Guest Posts, Internet, Mac, Media, Mobility, OS, User Experience

When Apple released 10.7 (Lion) about 6 months ago, there were a lot of rumors that airplay functionality would be extended to the new operating system just like it was coming soon to Apple TV 2 (ATV2) later in the … Continue reading

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22 jan

AT&T Punishes Subscribers by Throttling Modest Data Usages *UPDATE*

Apple, AT&T, Guest Posts, Mobility

I woke up to a couple nasty grams from AT&T this morning via txt and e-mail that noted that I was in the top 5% of data users this month and I needed to use wi-fi to help avoid “reduced” … Continue reading

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19 jan

How the Blind Interact with Technology

Electronics, Entertainment, Guest Posts, User Experience

I stumbled upon this popular youtube channel of a witty blind man, Tommy Edison, and how he gets around in life with his handicap. I thought it would make for an interesting post to share some of his experiences as … Continue reading

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11 jan

iCade Reversed Engineered as an iPhone Controller

Apple, Guest Posts, Hacking, Hardware, Home Projects, howto, iPhone, Mobility

The very popular mini arcade case for your ipad was reversed engineered for the iphone. From conception all the way down to an actual prototype, Ben Heck built a bluetooth gamepad with 8 buttons, a d-pad, usb for pass through charging and it … Continue reading

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8 jan

Wireless Power is the Future

Design, Guest Posts, Mobility

Can you imagine a world where changing batteries or connecting hardware to wires was no longer required? My idea would extend to all devices in your house that use AAA, AA, etc, and this new battery would function similar to … Continue reading

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