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16 nov

Startup Weekend 2013 in DC at the Uber Offices #SWDC

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If you want to see the party scene here at the Uber Offices on a Saturday night, you can see all the partying and dancing here. All joking aside, everyone is locked away in their offices, working hard. A lot … Continue reading

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15 nov

Startup Weekend DC 2013 – Do’s and Dont’s

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Startup Weekend is a nonprofit company that aims to provide workshops and intense development environments the ability to network and get together for one weekend, or a 54 hour work weekend, to invent, develop, and create a new idea, launching … Continue reading

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13 jan

Ashton Kutcher – The Angel Investor

Companies, Entrepreneurship, Hack-a-thon, Internet

The man with the first twitter account to have $1M followers does quite a lot more than you would think. Actor, Entertainer, Comedian, Model, Producer, and also Angel Investor in high flying tech companies. He has plenty of money to … Continue reading

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30 nov

An Entrepreneur’s Checklist

Entrepreneurship, Hack-a-thon

Take a look at serial entrepreneur Steve Blank’s Entrepreneur Checklist. If you like the first two minutes, you might be interested in more of the videos. Linking Facebook does request a lot of access to your account, I’d suggest just … Continue reading

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27 aug

You were just TechCrunched – Weekly Video

Hack-a-thon, Internet, Media

I’ve always been a fan of TechCrunch. It’s pretty much my source for tech news. And they are trying videos again. This weekly wrap up was pretty good. Take a look.

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28 jun

Watch how Startup Zaarly Evolved!

Entrepreneurship, Hack-a-thon, Mobility

Zaarly is a great Startup Weekend story. Startup Weekend is an event that happens all over the world in major cities, connecting startup ideas with marketing, business, and tech experts. Zaarly is an amazing story of how they began, raised … Continue reading

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26 jun

So, you want to do a startup, Eh?

Entrepreneurship, Hack-a-thon

A friend sent this to me yesterday. Take a look: So you want to do a startup, eh? View more presentations from Tara Hunt

10 jun

HAPI Hack Weekend in San Francisco, CA


Busy day at Google, but now going to bust my way through the Silicon Valley traffic to the HAPI Hack-a-thon in San Francisco. The purpose of this weekend hack-a-thon is to best utilize an API, possibly multiple, to create a … Continue reading

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2 jun

Silicon Valley, San Francisco and WWDC Next Week

Android, Apple, Google, Hack-a-thon, HTML5/CSS3, iPad, iPhone, Mac, Objective-C, WebGL

Silicon Valley, the site of technological evolution over the past four decades. Next week is a big one, as San Francisco hosts Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference). It sounds like we should hear about some major software updates for Mac … Continue reading

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10 may

Entrepreneurship – A short video on Baltimore Startup Weekend

Entrepreneurship, Hack-a-thon, Internet, News

I took part in Startup Weekend @ Baltimore a couple of weeks ago. There was a great short that was created. I’m in a couple of shots, but I think overall, well done video. Take a look. The Entrepreneurial Spirit … Continue reading