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16 nov

Startup Weekend 2013 in DC at the Uber Offices #SWDC

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If you want to see the party scene here at the Uber Offices on a Saturday night, you can see all the partying and dancing here. All joking aside, everyone is locked away in their offices, working hard. A lot … Continue reading

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30 oct

ObamaCare Vanishes from Website

***, Browsers, Cloud Computing, Clusters, Government, Hacking, Internet, News

In some ways, it is entirely too funny to see all the criticism of the website taking place. First, it was the load balancing issues, still an issue. Second, is the validity of the data being saved in the … Continue reading

26 sep

Microsoft Windows Prompt Screen Expansion

**, DIY, Hacking, Microsoft, Windows

A little known fact, often over-looked, is that the Windows Prompt dialog box is easily expandable to fit the size of your screen. If you click the upper left corner of the prompt screen, you’ll see there is a properties … Continue reading

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10 sep

True Privacy Still Exists – Google Validating This

*, Google, Hacking, Internet, News, Programming

Privacy still exists. You know why? Because when you understand the actual interworkings of the systems, you can implement and integrate true security that, although nobody is probably following, your online world is very difficult to crack. The real issue … Continue reading

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29 aug

Good Job on Traffic – Knocking me Down

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Thank you all for all the traffic guys (and gals). I have to deal with server maintenance more than ever over the past months. It’s a good problem to have. This site is not load balanced yet, but I’m starting … Continue reading

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2 aug

My New Favorite Editor: Notepad++ with Explorer

***, Hacking, Programming

I’ve for such a long time been a purist fan of PSPad. I’ve literally used it for most of my programming life. And it still worked perfectly and I’ll continue to use it for time to come. But I’ve had … Continue reading

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27 jul

IP Vanish VPN to Surf Anonymously

**, Hacking, Internet, Mobility, Rants

Most people would ask, why do you even care about surfing anonymously. But what people do not realize, is that the majority of the sites that you log into are unsecured, non-encrypted. And it is likely that you are using … Continue reading

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2 jul

Anonymous Browsing The Easy Way and 900 MHz SDR

*, Cloud Computing, Electronics, Hacking, Internet, Mobility

It’s not that hard to browse the web anonymously, prevent others from tracking you, mask your breadcrumbs in series of reverse proxies, and secure everything that you send in and out of a network interface card on your own protection. … Continue reading

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1 jul

Developers: Application Programmers vs Software Engineers

.NET MVC, **, Architecture, CakePHP, Databases, Hacking, Hardware, Java, Rants

I feel that there are very large differences between particular types of roles in the Information Technology world. It’s often times confused and misrepresented, so I’d like to clear this particular comparison up a little bit. There are many people … Continue reading

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23 jun

Comparable Matrix Between Smart Locks: Lockitron, Goji, August and Kevo

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Smart locks is the latest home automation technology craze that is growing in competition thanks to Bluetooth low energy (AKA Bluetooth Smart) found in many of the latest mobile phones and devices. First there was the popular Lockitron, which slips … Continue reading