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29 oct

Exercise While Working – Treadmill Stand Setup

***, DIY, Electronics, Hardware, Office

The new thing these days is people standing up while working. Take any cashiers job, where you have to be on your feet mostly all day, and you begin to build some endurance. For all those out there in computer-lala … Continue reading

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25 oct

Key-Smart – Kickerstarter Backed Project Received

**, Companies, DIY, Entrepreneurship, Hardware

I finally got my Kickstarter backed project, Key-Smart, in the mail today. It was a little bit of a surprise as I wasn’t expecting it. The point of this whole key-smart thing is to put all your keys into a … Continue reading

9 oct

Fox News’ New Studio Is Equipped With Huge Tablets

*, Electronics, Hardware, Internet, Microsoft, News, Office, Windows

Pretty cool enormous tablets. Reported to be large Microsoft Surface devices to surf social media with plenty of space to monitor everything.

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22 sep

How Has Facebook Scaled? Largest PHP / MySQL Site

***, Architecture, Databases, Facebook, Hardware, Internet, Twitter

Facebook has far proven to become the largest PHP and MySQL site on the internet. But don’t let it fool you, there are many systems that comprise in Facebooks world, and Java, C++, and other languages all play a part … Continue reading

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21 sep

iOS 7 Bug Bypasses iPhone’s Lockscreen to Make Calls

*, Apple, Electronics, Hardware, iPhone, News

Bugs already? No way… sounds like normal software releases.

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18 sep

Portable and Slim Surges with USB Chargers

***, Electronics, Hardware, Home Projects

These Portable Surge with USB Chargers have been incredibly awesome! I have probably bought around 8 of these and put them all over the place. Living room, 3x in the Bedroom (Kindle, Phones, etc…), my backpack, office, and two others … Continue reading

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6 sep

Hiding IT From Family and Friends

**, beer, Companies, Hardware, Office

How true is this? Now and days I don’t get asked all that much to help out with an IT thing here or there. I’ve made it pretty clear that I spend every waking second dealing with IT, so when … Continue reading

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5 sep

Xbox One – Madden 25 Demo – NFL is Here!

*, 3D Graphics, Electronics, Entertainment, Games, Hardware, Microsoft, News

What a great day to be in existence. The NFL begins today and as a tribute, I have posted some very cool Madden 25 previews done on the Xbox One. Take a look at these graphics, it’s really something else.

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1 sep

Don’t Buy An iPhone 5S Case Until After Apple Announces iPhone 5S Models

***, Apple, Electronics, Hardware, iPad, iPhone, Mobility, News

Apple plans to announce the next generation iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch models on September 10. To prepare for this announcement, I’ve been shopping online for a new case to protect my investment as soon as pre-order eligibility is announced … Continue reading

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29 aug

Good Job on Traffic – Knocking me Down

**, Architecture, Clusters, Hacking, Hardware, Internet, News

Thank you all for all the traffic guys (and gals). I have to deal with server maintenance more than ever over the past months. It’s a good problem to have. This site is not load balanced yet, but I’m starting … Continue reading

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