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27 jan

Guess Who Turned 30 Years Old? Macintosh

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A lot has changed in 30 years. Steve Jobs is no longer with us and the Macintosh revolutionized computers today.

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14 jan

F-35 Unintentional Loop at Takeoff on a Carrier

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Military stuff is always fun, just because of the budgets these guys have. But watch this incredible takeoff by an F-35.

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18 nov

Why do .NET Developers Over-Normalize! Who are PHP Developers Anyways?!

.NET MVC, ***, Architecture, Cloud Computing, CMS, History, Internet, Microsoft, PHP, Rants

Oh boy, I may be offending many people out there. But, I just so happen to be working on two projects in .NET, where the Data Model was designed by someone else. And in both cases, the databases are completely … Continue reading

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18 oct

Google Stock Rises 13%, Over $1000, 833% Since IPO

***, Apple, Google, History, Internet, Microsoft, News, Stock

Google is seriously taking care of business! Now up over $1000 per share, I would wonder that many would think it’s over due for a split. With a percent earnings of about 30, it’s pretty regular that the hike and … Continue reading

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3 oct

Tom Clancy No Longer With Us

*, 3D Graphics, Entertainment, Games, History, Internet, News

At only 66, Tom Clancy is no longer with us. The mastermind behind one of the first game loves of my life, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six. Wow that was some time ago. The most realistic version of a first person … Continue reading

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15 sep

Human Endused Climate Control Not a Concern?

**, History, News, Space

The Wall Street Journal wrote an article about the up and coming Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) “fifth assessment report” which should be published on September 27th. Like a lot of things these days, the preliminary reports have already … Continue reading

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25 aug

Windows 8.1 – Reverting back to Normal

***, Browsers, Entertainment, History, Internet, Microsoft, Mobility, News, Office, Rants, Windows

It’s funny, Windows continually has issues with new versions of their software. I wonder if it is because they charge so much money for their upgrades or if it is because they try to be so extreme with their new … Continue reading

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23 aug

Steve Ballmer Stepping Down at Microsoft

***, Apple, Google, History, Microsoft, News, Windows

The Steve Ballmer announcement was absolutely everywhere. If you didn’t read it before now, thank you for coming here first. Because it was literally everywhere. Now that the news is out, I just have a couple of comments based on … Continue reading

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12 aug

Founder of Space-X and Tesla Unveils Hyperloop Plans

***, Car Computing, Companies, Design, History, News, Robotics

Elon Musk, the founder of Space-X, Tesla, and PayPal, is doing some amazing things. He’s changing this world, a true visionary for the future. And he’s making a profit while doing it. So far, PayPal has been his pure bread-winner … Continue reading

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9 aug

AOL Makes Biggest Purchase, Buys Adap.TV for $405 Million

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AOL is still around and making splashes. Many people forget how many internet properties AOL still owns and how AOL impacts the internet and digital world. And AOL is getting back into Video as digital TV seems to be the … Continue reading

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