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9 jul

Solar Powered Plane Flies Across Entire US

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Renewable energy is becoming more and more prevalent, as proven by this completely solar powered plane’s flight across the United States. Pretty cool.

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21 jun

Yahoo Hanging by Straws, Relatively

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Yahoo used to be one of the largest competitors in the internet space, providing content, mail, search, and news for almost everyone. Remember AOL and how large they got. Since then they have sized down, much more than Yahoo. But … Continue reading

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10 jun

Taking Apart Stuff: Modern Day Modems

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I found these videos to be quite a bit funny. Just because they make the entire process of taking apart modems to sound like the most difficult thing in the world. Watch the two videos and you’ll see why I … Continue reading

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4 jun

IBM to Purchase SoftLayer – Internet Hosting Company

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I have hosted through SoftLayer for some time now, even before the name was SoftLayer, The Planet, and Rack Shack. Well today, SoftLayer was purchased by IBM, which means, now all of my hosting accounts are owned by IBM. Amazing … Continue reading

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7 may

Michael Mann Buys 14,962 and Makes 400k / Month

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There was this story last year about a 45 year old man who bought 14,962 domain names in 24 hours. Now, they are paying dividends, about $400k a month. I’m not sure if the story is real, but take a … Continue reading

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3 may

Domain Names and Outrageous Prices for Them!

***, Companies, Facebook, History, Internet, News

It was quite a long time ago that I reserved my very first domain name. I was young, an internet gamer, on IRC, and in the know. The very first domain I purchased was what housed my self-programmed competition network … Continue reading

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29 apr

Earth’s Core Is Hotter Than Originally Thought

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Always like these science related videos.

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18 apr

mSATA SSD’s – Hard Drives for Today’s World

***, Electronics, Hardware, History, Mobility, News

Now that the new Samsung Series 9 laptop has been packaged and put in the mail via Ground shipping across the United States, all of you get to hear me talk about all of the pieces inside of it that … Continue reading

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25 mar

The End of Moore’s Law? Or The End of an Age?

***, Entertainment, History, News

Moore’s Law simply states that a computer’s power doubles every 18 months. The law first coined by Intel co-founderĀ GordonĀ E. Moore in a 1965 paper he published. The processing power of circuits has been exponentially growing since 1958, and that trend … Continue reading

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24 mar

Silicon Valley vs NoVA Dulles Technology Corridor (Netplex)

***,, Apple, Companies, eBay, Google, Government, History, Intel, Internet, Microsoft, News, Verizon

Silicon Valley is an extremely well known location for technology, startups, and the dominant tech firms in the world. Google, Apple, Stanford University, Cisco, eBay, HP, Intel, Yahoo!, Adobe, AMD, Intuit, Juniper, Nvidia, Oracle, Western Digital, and so many more … Continue reading