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28 oct

Roku vs Chromecast Quick Analysis

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Just ordered both of these and wanted to give some very quick feedback before my larger post. Chromecast is Awesome for Queuing up Youtube playlists and Media playlists. Basically controlling the nice Audio system from your laptop / phone. Movies … Continue reading

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16 nov

Startup Weekend 2013 in DC at the Uber Offices #SWDC

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If you want to see the party scene here at the Uber Offices on a Saturday night, you can see all the partying and dancing here. All joking aside, everyone is locked away in their offices, working hard. A lot … Continue reading

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12 oct

There Came an Echo – Video Game

***, 3D Graphics, Entertainment, Games, Media, Photoshop, Programming

There Came an Echo is one of my favorite new Kickstarter projects. The real reason, because one of my favorite artists, Ronald Jenkees is creating the sound track with someone who I am going to investigate much further: Big Giant … Continue reading

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3 sep

For the Starters: Your Futute in IT!

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There are a lot of people out there looking to find their future. Many of the people that I run into, I strongly recommend getting into some form of Information Technology. I say it because I have such a passion … Continue reading

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8 aug

What You See is What You Get

***, Browsers, Design, DIY, Internet, JavaScript, Media, Office

WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editors are all over the place. It’s how you allow for non-technical people to produce content in a formatted and ordered fashion mostly on the web. And there are tons of WYSIWYG … Continue reading

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15 jul

T-Mobile’s JUMP Lets You Upgrade TWICE a Year!

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No more worrying about getting the latest and greatest smart phones. You will get them twice a year with T-Mobile’s new upgrade plan. It’s kind of wild, I used to upgrade my phone twice a year, but it seems today … Continue reading

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5 jul

Companies Giving up on 3D Television and Movies

**, 3D Graphics, Companies, Entertainment, Media, News

It seems that the fad is finally beginning to fade out. With movies opting to run regular cinema screens instead of 3D screens, such as Batman and Star Trek (who obviously did a post production 3D version, just to get … Continue reading

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20 jun

Xbox One News! Microsoft Reverses DRM Policies!

*, 3D Graphics, Entertainment, Games, Media, Microsoft, News

Wow, Digital Rights Management has been completely removed from the new Xbox One! No online internet requirement and no 24 hour constant internet checking. No restrictions to lending games to friends and no restrictions on areas. Xbox is matching Playstation … Continue reading

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8 may

Google Pays Tribute to Saul Bass in Doodle

***, 3D Graphics, Companies, Design, Entertainment, Media, News, Photoshop

The reason why you spent a minute and twenty one seconds on Google’s homepage today? To celebrate the artwork in both film and graphic design done by Saul Bass. Today would have been his 93rd birthday and to realize who’s … Continue reading

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7 apr

The Fight for Streaming Media Accelerates

***,, Apple, Electronics, Hardware, Internet, Media

I have posted a couple times that somehow, I have ran into 3 different media streaming providers. 1, I signed up for and pay for Netflix. 2, my cable provider began allowing streaming content and tv services over the internet … Continue reading

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