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21 nov

Nexus Wireless Charger Reviews and Future

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These wireless track pad devices are getting better and better. With the new advanced grid backing for power support, it seems that with every pass in innovation, we are getting closer and closer to making these regular day electronics to … Continue reading

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16 nov

Create Your Own 3D Cases Using OpenSource CAD

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There are literally tons of open source CAD drawings done for a variety of the most popular phones out there. Irene had an idea to create a very special and unique type of case, but we were struggling with getting … Continue reading

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8 oct

Nest Protect: Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detecter

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Nest Labs, the creators of the Nest thermostat, unveiled today their latest home control device, Nest Protect, a $129 smoke and carbon monoxide detecter in black or white models. What makes Nest Protect $100 more expensive than a traditional smoke … Continue reading

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12 aug

Never Lose Your Keys or Valuables Again with Proximo by Kensington

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Update 8/14: After testing out my order, I was not very satisfied with the quality. See review at the bottom. There are a lot of key finders on the market, which are meant to basically find your keys and/or other … Continue reading

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4 aug

Rumor: iPhone 5s to Add Fingerprint Recognition?

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Its funny that the new iPhone rumors are becoming less and less. I’d argue that goes the same for the new Droid phone as well. Do you know what I smell? Saturation! Smart Phone’s are catching up with their usability. … Continue reading

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23 jun

Comparable Matrix Between Smart Locks: Lockitron, Goji, August and Kevo

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Smart locks is the latest home automation technology craze that is growing in competition thanks to Bluetooth low energy (AKA Bluetooth Smart) found in many of the latest mobile phones and devices. First there was the popular Lockitron, which slips … Continue reading

28 may

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs S4 – Should You Upgrade?

***, Android, Electronics, Hardware, Linux, Samsung

While in Romania, there were vast number of Samsung stores, more so than Apple “Authorized Retailer’s”. The Ad’s were plentiful and they all consisted of the Samsung Galaxy S4. So, I decided to stop by and compare my S3 to … Continue reading

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27 may

3G, 4G Coverage in Europe, Eastern Europe

***, Android, Apple, AT&T, Companies, Electronics, Government, Internet, iPhone, News, Samsung, Verizon

The internet has grown quickly and vastly around the entire globe. With all of the evolving technology, it continues to expand anywhere where profit can be realized and utilization can be tapped. It was just two years ago that 4G … Continue reading

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16 may

Massive Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy S3

**, Android, Electronics, Mobility

With the Galaxy S4 coming out, I honestly don’t think I’ll be making the switch. In-fact, I may be going double down into the Galaxy S3. About to travel, I’m worried about battery life, until I found this. a 7000mAh … Continue reading

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20 apr

Your Hak5 Update: Ubuntu Mobile, Portable Linux

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You guys know that this is one of my favorite internet TV shows. Darren is back in the studio. The guys talked about some of their adventures and how people are recognizing them in public. The show is gaining in … Continue reading

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