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6 apr

Computer, Tablet, and Phone Depreciation are Terrible

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I am selling 4 laptops on eBay right now. Really, 4 freaking laptops. I counted the number that are in my possession right now and I have 8, laptops alone. I have 3 PC’s also. This max exodus should bring … Continue reading

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17 mar

Google Puts Android and Chrome Under Same Boss

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Didn’t I just post something about this the other day?

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15 mar

And it is Here, The Samsung Galaxy S4

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It doesn’t seem like too long ago when I was holding the Samsung Captivate (or the first series of the Galaxy S) in my hand. Actually, I still have it, I have been meaning to sell it on eBay for … Continue reading

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9 mar

Android’s Extensibility and Potential Growth vs Who?

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Android is open source and available on a variety of devices, all with many different memory and processing limitations. You can easily tie into the system, even without rooting, in order to take any phone and turn it into a … Continue reading

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7 mar

Samsung Payout for Patent Infringement on Apple Cut by $450M!

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Yes, yes… in most people’s minds, Apple beat Samsung and got $1B out of it. What people forgot is that the case was never closed and it still demanded a judge’s ruling on the trial by peers. The results, $450M … Continue reading

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18 feb

Ubuntu Tablet to be Announced After Several Tab Hacks

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It seems like the mobile strategy for Ubuntu is well on its way, well earlier than previously thought, the Ubuntu Tablet is rumored to peek it’s head in the next coming weeks, a lot of people saying as early as … Continue reading

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4 feb

Wine Android App using Digital Image Recognition

**, Android, beer, Linux

First of all, congratulations to the Ravens last night! In other news, I was doing my normal reading for ideas on what to post tonight, and I found people who are porting Wine onto Android systems to run Windows applications. … Continue reading

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27 jan

Unlocking Your Cellphone Will now be Illegal!

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Guess what, all those years of unlocking your cell phone to get them to work on whatever network you want or being able to load up whatever ROM’s you want may soon be moved to the underground. Unlocking cellphones will … Continue reading

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17 jan

Lose Weight, Stay Healthy with Electronics, Technology, and Gadgets

***, Android, DIY, Electronics, Hardware, Internet, iPhone, Mobility

Are you looking for that new piece of technology to help you lose weight? Weight loss is one of the biggest markets where people will simply spend money, in the hopes that the money they spend, automatically takes care of … Continue reading

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10 jan

Android and iPhone Conference Calling via Waits/Pauses

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A particular function and feature of a phone, although not that well known, is the ability to pause and wait, automatically, to enter new phone digits into a phone call. For instance, if you are attempting to call into a … Continue reading

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