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12 jun

Building Middleware for New Mobile Apps

***, Android, Cloud Computing, Clusters, Hardware, Internet, iPad, iPhone, Mobility, Windows (Mobile)

While attending the Jasig-Sakai 2012, I’ve been engaging in many conversations about the best ways of implementing mobile driven solutions that can link and interact with several sources of information. When building a mobile application that provides a wide variety … Continue reading

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12 may

Mobile Browsing Overtaking Desktop Browsing

Android, Browsers, Facebook, Internet, iPad, iPhone, Mobility, News, User Experience, Windows (Mobile)

Most websites typically do not have a 1 to 1 ratio between desktop and mobile browsing and achieving that is an amazing goal that many companies are striving to reach. Facebook appears to now have a 1 to 1 ratio, … Continue reading

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23 apr

Skype for Windows Phone

Android, Apple, Electronics, Hardware, iPhone, Microsoft, Mobility, Windows, Windows (Mobile)

Microsoft has really been behind on the latest and greatest, specifically with mobile phones and devices. Fortunately for them, they have the advantage of watching all of their competitors make mistakes, and using their huge capital base to invest in … Continue reading

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15 dec

Vote for the Best Phone of 2011

Android, Apple, Electronics, Google, iPhone, Microsoft, Samsung, Windows (Mobile)

One of my favorite sites, XDA Developers, had a very cool Poll asking their readers what they thought was the best phone of 2011 was. A little bit of background, XDA-Developers consists of about 4 million users where people get … Continue reading

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23 nov

Remote Display Screens – Android, Windows, iPhone

Android, Apple, Google, iPhone, Microsoft, Windows (Mobile)

It’s funny to look back at how long smart phones have been out, what we still do not have apps for but that were developed 10 to 15 years ago on Windows and Apple mobile devices. One of these apps … Continue reading

22 nov

Mobile Websites – Evan on Navigation

Android, Apple, Google, Guest Posts, iPad, iPhone, Windows (Mobile)

With responsive mobile websites all the rage, I noticed a very big problem that needs to be tackled before I can even start thinking about building for mobile, which is how much real-estate will our global navigation consume on our … Continue reading

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24 may

Augmented Reality on Mobile Phone

Android, Apple, Electronics, Google, iPhone, Microsoft, Mobility, Windows (Mobile)

For so long, I’ve wanted to have a pair of sunglasses that could interpret books that I was reading and do searches for me so that I could quickly identify key items and points. The day is getting close. Today’s … Continue reading

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24 mar

Access Virtual Machines on your iPhone / iPad with Parallels

**, Android, Apple, iPad, iPhone, Mobility, Windows (Mobile)

Using Parallels with Parallels mobile, you can now access your desktops VM’s while on the road. At first glance, it looks like the application is actually running a virtual instance, but really this simply allows a connection to your VM. … Continue reading

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10 mar

The age-old fight: Macintosh vs. Windows vs. Linux

***, Android, Apple, Google, iPhone, Linux, Mac, Microsoft, Windows, Windows (Mobile)

Market Cap: Apple: 320.03B Microsoft: 214.26B Red Hat: 7.81B The age-old fight, the one that will be fought for as long as these operating systems exist. But with just market share, does this really give an accurate reading of which … Continue reading

11 feb

Mobile Scrolling in HTML, Apple-like scrollable elements for the web

**, Android, Browsers, Chrome, Firefox, HTML5/CSS3, Internet Explorer, iPad, iPhone, JavaScript, Mobility, Safari, Windows (Mobile), Yahoo

Would you like your mobile web applications appear just like a normal SDK app? There are several JavaScript libraries that are already available. The basic issue is that when a mobile site is navigated, the primary function for swiping is … Continue reading

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